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Cat Steals Husband And Makes Sure Wife Knows Her Place As Third Wheel

Cat Steals Husband And Makes Sure Wife Knows Her Place As Third Wheel

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Once we welcome a cat into our home, things change. Our daily life completely shifts as we adjust to them. But what happens when the cat steals your spouse and makes you a third wheel? Well, the story about Lindsey and Roswell will tell us!

It all started when Lindsey noticed two neglected kittens in her friend’s backyard. Worried about their safety, the caring woman decided to bring them home. She asked her then-boyfriend Drew if they could adopt one, and he immediately said yes.

tiny kitten
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The couple welcomed the adorable kitten into their family and named him Roswell. Little did Lindsey know that she was about to enter a serious competition for the cat’s affection — with her husband!

cat on man's chest
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Roswell’s presence brought so much happiness into the couple’s life. However, although the kitty loved them both, he showed a special affection towards Drew. Lindsey shared for GeoBeats:

“As soon as my husband sits down he climbs right up and like, is face to face, nose to nose, must be as close as humanly possible. Drew is walking around with Roswell like a baby. I don’t know what happened but they found each other.”

man holding a cat
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As he found his way into Drew’s heart, Roswell started to favor his company over Lindsey’s. When the couple chilled on the couch, he would edge Lindsay out and take her spot next to Drew, as Lindsay shared:

“If I’m sitting close to him on the couch, he kind of weasels his way in and essentially elbows me out of the way, and is just like, ‘Okay, you can move over now, I’m gonna sit here.’”

cat lying on man's chest
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When Drew wasn’t around or the couple went on vacation, Roswell would be so excited to see him upon return, but there would be a bit of jealousy too. Lindsey shared:

“When we go on vacation he’ll especially be a little standoffish, kind of like, ‘Where were you, what were you doing, you were with her on vacation?’”

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Despite being sidelined by her pet’s devotion to Drew, Lindsey cherished their special bond. Yet, she wanted Roswell’s affection too. She knew her allergies prevented her from getting too close to the cat, but she hoped there was a solution.

cat cuddling with man and looking a woman
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Well, there was one. Lindsey came up with the idea to put on a beard. She hoped if she copied Drew’s appearance, she would catch Roswell’s attention and finally become the center of his world, sharing:

“I think Drew’s beard has something to do with why he prefers him…I went to the store and they had a bunch of different Halloween beards so I bought one and I was like, ‘Hey Drew I look like you, I wonder if Roswell is going to rub on me.’”

woman holding a photo of husband
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To Lindsey’s surprise, Roswell immediately started rubbing against her face with delight. Not only was she welcomed with open paws, but she was now able to cuddle with her pet with no allergy reactions (and no husband!), sharing:

“It worked instantly! He started rubbing all over my face but with my allergy, it was kind of like it’s protecting me, like he’s not rubbing on my skin, he’s rubbing on my beard so I’m not getting hives and he still gets to love me.”

photo of woman with fake beard and cat
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A few days later, Lindsey put on a beard and Drew’s favorite hat, wondering what Roswell would think. The cat approved and instantly came for cuddles. However, as soon as she took it off, he drew back, preferring to sit on his daddy’s hat instead.

cat sitting on couch
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Lindsey even made a tiny beard for Roswell to feel included, but no matter what she did, the cat preferred her husband over her. Lindsey shared:

“I have tried to pry my way into their love, and I’m on the outskirts, but that’s OK. I will be their third wheel for as long as they will have me.”

photo of woman, man and cat
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Despite all Lindsey’s efforts, Roswell’s loyalty remained directed towards her husband. It seemed the cat made his choice and Lindsey just couldn’t compete with their bond.

However, I have a feeling that Lindsay won’t give up on earning her cat’s affection any time soon!

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