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Cat Finally Steps Indoors After Many Years Of Living On The Street

Cat Finally Steps Indoors After Many Years Of Living On The Street

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Meet Mosey, a beautiful long-haired black and white feline, who spent many years surviving the harsh street life. He even lost his ear tips to frostbite during the harsh winters he spent outdoors.

Living and surviving this tough street life was difficult, and Mosey depended on one kind neighbor for food. However, over time, his health began to decline.

cat next to the car
Credit: Facebook

As Mosey grew weaker, his fur became matted, and he struggled with eating and moving around. He couldn’t handle the bad weather outside anymore, as he wasn’t able to fend for himself any longer.

Mosey even struggled with other stray cats as his weak condition made him fragile and other strays always chased him away. Fortunately, a local animal rescuer named Nadia heard about Mosey’s situation and stepped in to help.

abandoned cat
Credit: Facebook

While Nadia was working with other community cats, she set up a humane trap with sardines for Mosey. The hungry cat entered the trap, and Nadia quickly brought him to safety. As Celine, the director of their local rescue organization, shared: 

“He could no longer protect himself from the bad weather and the cold.”

poor cat staring at one point
Credit: Facebook

So, Nadia came in just in time to save the poor feline. She managed to capture him safely and keep him indoors until the shelter staff came in to help her.

Mosey was in rough shape, suffering from a severe mouth infection and other health issues. Luckily, Celine and their local rescue organization were more than willing to help, as they shared in an interview

“We took him into our care. He was at least six years old. He was exhausted and miserable with battle wounds on his face. His coat was matted and caked in dirt. Years on the streets took a toll on him.”

cat behind the carpet
Credit: Facebook

Mosey was treated for his infected mouth and bad teeth and got his matted fur removed. His rescuers were overjoyed to share:

“He doesn’t have many teeth left, but he’s no longer in pain.”

After surgery, Mosey’s appetite returned, and he started to regain his strength. Though he was still cautious, he found the strength to hiss quietly, perhaps revealing a little bit of his cattitude

cat licking some food
Credit: Facebook

Mosey’s foster family spent time in his room, helping him feel safe and comfortable around people. Slowly but surely, he began to trust them more, even venturing out for treats.

As he grew more comfortable, Mosey started to enjoy affection and even purred for the first time. His adjustment process was a bit long, as it took months for him to finally feel safe and trust people, but it was definitely worth it!

cat with ear down
Credit: Facebook

Mosey has explored his room, played with toys, and found a favorite spot by the window to soak up the sun and watch birds outside. From a timid stray cat, Mosey has indeed come a long way.

He still gets startled at times, but he’s more confident now and even purrs when he’s petted.

cat in the living room
Credit: Facebook

Though Mosey is still a bit reserved around new people, he loves being around friendly cats. As his rescuers described him:

“He is gentle and calm and doesn’t have a mean bone in his body.”

After years of hardship, Mosey now enjoys the safety and love of a foster home, surrounded by caring people who make sure he feels comfortable and cherished. However, he’s still looking for a forever home. 

happy cat at her bed
Credit: Facebook

Can you believe that this cutie is still waiting for someone to adopt him? 

If you’d like to share Mosey’s heartwarming story, you can find more updates on Facebook! Let’s hope that this amazing little guy finds a forever family soon.

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