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Vet Says This Cat Won’t Survive Two Days Outside The Hospital, But She Surprises Everyone

Vet Says This Cat Won’t Survive Two Days Outside The Hospital, But She Surprises Everyone

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Every cat parent around the world dreads that moment when the vet delivers devastating news about their beloved feline’s health. Especially if there’s a chance of a fatal outcome.

Michelle experienced one such heartbreaking call when the vet informed her that her beloved kitty, Tequila, wouldn’t survive two days outside the hospital. 

However, her precious Tequila had different plans in mind.

During one of her delightful October holidays, Michelle’s cat sitter called to let her know that Tequila had been sleeping excessively and eating very little

Knowing her cat’s penchant for lounging around, Michelle didn’t initially think much of the phone call. That changed when she returned home and noticed something was amiss with Tequila. Michelle shared with Newsweek:

“It was clear that she had lost a significant amount of weight so we immediately took her to the veterinary hospital, where she was admitted to ICU.”

Tequila spent four hours in the ICU. While she underwent examination by the vet, Michelle anxiously waited at home, up until she received some pretty devastating news over the phone. 

Tequila had advanced kidney failure, a quite common issue among felines. According to the vet, her chances of survival were slim. 

The vet even recommended euthanasia, a suggestion that didn’t sit well with Michelle. She explained:

“I was completely in shock not expecting this to be the outcome. I asked that they wait until the next day to see if she improves.”

The following day, thanks to medication and IV fluids, Tequila’s condition stabilized. 

However, six days later, the vet informed Michelle that her beloved furbaby unfortunately stopped improving.

The possibility of euthanizing Tequila was back on the table, but this time, Michelle had to seriously consider it.

Michelle decided to take Tequila home to bid her a proper farewell.

However, when they returned to the vet for another appointment, and the question of euthanasia arose again, Michelle had a change of heart. She recalled:

“She was sitting in her bag and staring at me in the eyes and she started purring for the first time since she had gotten sick. I believe she was trying to tell me that she would be alright.”

The determined owner chose to bring her beloved kitty home, unsure of where this decision would lead them.

A week later, Michelle and Tequila returned to the vet for a medicine refill, leaving the clinic’s staff astonished when they walked through the door. Michelle recounted:

“They couldn’t believe she was not only still alive but actually showing signs of improvement.”

However, despite Tequila’s improved condition, the vet predicted that she would soon cross the Rainbow Bridge.

At that point, Michelle decided to stop living from one vet appointment to another and focus on making the most of the remaining time Tequila had left.


Don’t ever tell Tequila what to do, she won’t listen anyways. Our girl is a fighter, 3 months later from her kidney failure diagnosis and she’s living each day with a beautiful attitude. #catsurvivor #kidneyfailure #beforeandafter #catbeforeandafter

♬ contemplating cat – Dusty🗣Dubs

Michelle knew her fluffy friend was a fighter and wouldn’t give up easily.

And she was right! A year later from that devastating news, Tequila was still very much alive and thriving. As Michelle proudly noted:

“She is living her best life, going about her usual routine, eating a lot, playing with her brother Taco, and always demanding food at exactly 6 AM every morning. I don’t know how or why she beat the odds in her diagnosis, but I am so grateful she is still with us. “

This is a testament to the miracles that can occur in the world of felines!

Whether Tequila truly defied the odds or was initially misdiagnosed remains a mystery. 

In my opinion, the absolute truth doesn’t matter that much. What truly matters is that she is a happy and healthy kitty who got a second chance to make the most of her feline life.

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