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Family Cat Travels From Bridgeport To Morgantown For 2 Months Just To Find His Missing Family

Family Cat Travels From Bridgeport To Morgantown For 2 Months Just To Find His Missing Family

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While many people believe that cats are independent creatures, you’d be amazed to discover just how devoted they can be to their human families. Meet Oliver, a charming orange tabby boy who exemplifies this loyalty.

It all began when the Kutscher family relocated from Bridgeport, West Virginia, to Morgantown, a journey of about 40 miles. 

Amidst the hustle and bustle of moving, their furry family member vanished. Heartbroken but with no other choice, the family departed, leaving behind their beloved cat, Oliver, with a glimmer of hope that they would reunite one day.

Oliver’s Disappearance

cat sitting in living room
Credit: Halie Kutscher

While The Kutscher family was in the middle of the moving process, Oliver the cat was playing with his canine friend in the front yard. The mom, Halie Kutscher, was the last one who saw him that day. 

However, when it was time to leave their home, Oliver was nowhere to be found. Halie recalled the moment, saying:

“Last time I saw Oliver, Sasha had chased him up into a tree. We were just kind of finalizing the U-Haul, getting it filled up, and then we closed it. That was the last time I saw Oliver.”

The heartbroken family left without him, but every week, they kept returning to their old home, hoping to find Oliver. Halie remembered:

“My husband kept food out for the first week, and would constantly go out and call for him. He was always pretty good about responding to being called.”

two cats lying on a chair
Credit: Halie Kutscher

However, their efforts proved fruitless, and their despair deepened with each return home without Oliver. Halie added:

“Every time we left without a sign of him, my son… would cry relentlessly. It was heartbroken to watch.”

As time passed and the new occupants settled into the Kutscher’s former home, it became increasingly challenging for the family to visit weekly. 

Nevertheless, they decided to inform the new owners about their missing cat, just in case Oliver reappeared. 

With each passing week, however, their hope waned, and they reluctantly began to accept the loss of their cherished pet.

But wait, the story takes an incredible turn! The reason Oliver never returned to his old home was that he had embarked on a 40-mile journey to reunite with his family.

The Heartwarming Reunion

ginger cat on grass
Credit: Halie Kutscher

After over two months, the most unexpected thing happened. One day, Halie’s husband went outside and saw an orange cat sitting in the neighbor’s yard. He did a double-take, unable to believe his eyes, and exclaimed:

“Oh my God, that looks like Oliver.”

Halie, upon hearing her husband’s words, was overwhelmed. She recalled:

“I run in the house, run to the basement, run out the back door, down into the grass. He sees me coming, and he starts running to me. We’re running to each other like a slow-motion movie scene, and he lets me scoop him right up.”

cat walking on rocks
Credit: Halie Kutscher

The entire family gathered around to welcome Oliver back, astounded by his incredible journey of over 40 miles to reunite with his loved ones. Halie added:

“He stayed right there with me as the rest of the family and pets gathered around him.” 

To confirm Oliver’s identity, the Kutscher family took him to the vet and scanned his microchip. 

They also had him thoroughly examined, as he had been outdoors on his own for an extended period. Thankfully, Halie reported that he was in good health and doing wonderfully.

dog leaning his head on cat while lying
Credit: Halie Kutscher

Oliver’s devotion to his family is truly remarkable. Halie said:

“He traveled at least 40 miles over the course of 2 months to find us. I’ve heard of things like this happening, but never truly believed it was possible. Now I believe. Anything is possible. Our Oliver Kitty is home again!”

While we’d all love to hear Oliver’s side of the story on his incredible journey, he’s probably too busy enjoying quality time with his family!

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