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Lonely Shelter Cat Spends Months Waving At Passersby, Longing For A Forever Home

Lonely Shelter Cat Spends Months Waving At Passersby, Longing For A Forever Home

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Vali was ten years old when her life took an unexpected turn. Sadly, her beloved owner passed away and she found herself at the Community Cat Club in New Jersey. 

Right then, she longed for a new family to shower with love. At first, it was hard for her to stand out among all the other cats at the shelter. 

However, she was determined to find her forever home, so she came up with a clever plan. Instead of just waiting around, she started waving her paws at anyone passing by her kennel. The shelter workers, who knew what a loving cat Vali was, shared:

“She just wants to be by your side and snuggle.”

Even though Vali found some comfort in the temporary foster home, she knew deep down it wasn’t her forever home. She yearned for a sanctuary where she could finally meet her forever family.

Six months passed, and Vali’s persistent waving continued. That’s when the shelter decided to take her story online, creating a Facebook post that went viral.

Suddenly, Vali wasn’t just waving at potential adopters in New Jersey, but at people across the county and even the world. Community Cat Club shared:

“Her little video reached so many people.”

Soon enough, the power of social media paid off. Someone saw Vali’s video and immediately contacted the shelter to set up an adoption meeting. Community Cat Club shared in an update:

“Her little video reached so many people but we’re super happy to say it reached her new mom who met her today in person and knew it was meant to be.”

Vali’s days of waving are done now. She’s discovered a cozy home, where she even has cat and dog siblings! Now, she can relax and enjoy all the snuggles and love she truly deserves. 

This touching story shows that sometimes, a bit of determination and a whole bunch of cuteness can completely change your life for the better.

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