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This Kitty Has The Weirdest Quirk And You’ll Never Guess What It Is

This Kitty Has The Weirdest Quirk And You’ll Never Guess What It Is

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Our cats never fail to surprise us, and this charming feline, Blarn, is yet another example in the cat world. 

We all know cats have their favorite relaxing spots around their home, but Blarn takes it to a whole new level with her beloved blanket.

cat carrying blanket
Credit: YouTube

When Blarn’s human parent, Caitlin, first saw her carrying the blanket, it was a moment of sheer amazement. She said:

“She would waddle back and forth, and she’ll continue on her merry way.”

What’s truly remarkable is that the blanket weighs much more than Blarn herself, yet she persists with unwavering determination. Even if she stumbles, Blarn picks herself up, clutches her blanket, and carries on with her mission.

cat with blanket at home
Credit: YouTube

Blarn usually brings her cherished blanket to Caitlin’s bedroom, where she settles in and proudly kneads on it.

Caitlin mentions that, despite Blarn’s love for the blanket, she’s very nice when someone else uses it:

“She recognizes that if I’m on the couch with the blanket, that I want to use it. She’s very nice and will wait until I’m not using it.”

Blarn always amazes her human parent with her little games, such as the blanket game. Not only that, but she also amazes her feline sister Edna.

colorful cat
Credit: YouTube

Unlike Blarn, Edna is a bit more wild. She may not join in the blanket-carrying adventure, but she eagerly follows Caitlin wherever she goes.

Despite their differing personalities, the bond between the two feline sisters is undeniable. They revel in playful moments together and share cozy snuggles before drifting off to sleep. 

cats in hug
Credit: YouTube

Caitlin finds immeasurable joy in their companionship. So, as a sign of gratitude, one day she decided to surprise her beloved cats with a special treat.

She crafted a cozy fort with Blarn’s cherished blanket, and it turned out to be just the right mix of fun and adventure for Edna’s spirited nature. The outcome? A roaring success—both feline friends reveled in their delightful surprise.

funny cat in flower vase
Credit: YouTube

Caitlin, who grew up with dogs, never imagined she’d become a cat person. But Edna and Blarn have filled her life with so much happiness that she wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Together, they form a small but incredibly content feline family, where each day brings new adventures and endless love.

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