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Rescuers Spend Days To Save A Mama Cat With An Iron Hoop Around Her Neck

Rescuers Spend Days To Save A Mama Cat With An Iron Hoop Around Her Neck

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I absolutely admire rescue agents and their determination to save our lovely feline friends. 

In today’s story the entire neighborhood came together to help rescuers save a mama cat and her adorable kittens, so let me tell you all about it.

One man informed the local rescue organization about a stray mama cat named Keutson, that needed urgent help.

Once the rescue agents arrived, they were shocked to see an iron hoop around the cat’s neck! However, when they tried to come close to mama cat and her kittens, the rescuers soon realized it won’t be an easy task. 

cat with iron hook around neck
Credit: YouTube

The cat was timid and she was scared for her kittens. Therefore, the rescuers had to think of another approach. 

They proceeded to follow mama cat around over the next few days, trying to figure out how the iron hoop got stuck around her neck.

Sadly, what they learned from observing her was quite heartbreaking. A local shop owner placed some chicken treats for Keutson and she quickly jumped to help herself. However, since the iron hoop was strangling her she could barely swallow. 

iron hook around cats neck

In order to keep her babies well fed, she needed food in her system now more than ever. Rescuers were now determined to find a quick solution for her. 

In the meantime, they asked around the neighborhood what this iron hoop could be. One man, who worked in a nearby hardware store, told them it was most probably a hoop from a kitchen sink!

man holding a hook
Credit: YouTube

The rescuers were confused so they followed Keutson once more hoping to discover what really happened to her. 

While Keutson wandered behind a local restaurant, the rescuers noticed a bunch of thrown out and abandoned kitchen sinks. They assumed she stuck her head in one of the kitchen sinks, hoping to find some food. 

cat walks to the outdoor kitchen
Credit: YouTube

The next day a vet arrived at the rescue site and the amazing team came up with a plan. They placed a cage with some food inside, patiently waiting for Keutson. 

Soon enough, she came out from the bushes and found herself trapped in the cage. However, she was so starved she didn’t even notice when the cage door trapped her inside!

cat in cave eating a meal
Credit: YouTube

The vet took the kittens out of the bushes and handed them over to the neighbors who were more than happy to help. 

The kind neighbors were cuddling the kittens, trying their best to soothe them. However, these feisty fuzzballs were meowing so loudly it made their mama sick with worry.

woman and man saving a cat
Credit: YouTube

When Keutson heard her kittens cry for help she started frantically throwing herself around the cage. Suddenly, the iron hoop that was causing her so much pain and trouble magically fell off!

At one point she hit the cage so hard that the impact made the iron hoop fall off her neck. Everyone at the rescue sight was thrilled to see her free from the strangling hoop.

a hook in a cave
Credit: YouTube

The team rushed them to the vet clinic and luckily, the furry family was more than healthy. Although mama cat had some calcium deficiency, the vet assured everyone she would be more than fine after a round of medication.

Luckily, the iron hoop that was strangling her didn’t leave any open wounds. However, the vet decided to observe them for a few days before they went to their foster home. 

Finally, the little furry family was reunited and mama cat couldn’t get enough of her kittens. She was grooming and cuddling them, happy her fuzzballs were safe.

cat with kitten laying
Credit: YouTube

I am more than grateful for this amazing community and the rescue agents, who spent days trying to figure out the best way to help this mama cat. 

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