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Cat With Cancer Miraculously Surpasses Her Six-Month Mark, Proving That Love Has Healing Powers

Cat With Cancer Miraculously Surpasses Her Six-Month Mark, Proving That Love Has Healing Powers

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Anyone who adopts a sick cat with short life expectancy predictions is a real hero in my book. 

These amazing folks open up their homes and hearts to a needy feline, spending months caring for them and developing a strong bond along the way, only to say goodbye too soon. 

But sometimes, fate smiles upon these kind souls and grants their wishes to rid their furry friend of the terrible disease they’re battling. 

Something similar happened to Debbie Sath, a woman from Los Angeles who adopted a cat with cancer to whom vets gave only six months to live. 

black cat laying on the street
Source: charcolesath

Princess Charming, the feline star of our story, spent most of her life as a stray until she was rescued and brought to a shelter.

After vets discovered she had aggressive cancer and had to amputate her leg, they weren’t optimistic about her prognosis, giving her only six months to live. 

That’s when the shelter staff sought out a compassionate soul like Debbie to care for the sick kitty and shower her with the love she deserved in her final days.

black cat with cancer
Source: charcolesath

When Debbie welcomed Princess Charming into her home, the cat immediately sought her hiding place. Life on the streets likely left the poor kitten traumatized, making her very scared and skittish.

Debbie didn’t mind taking things slow with Princess Charming; she had all the time in the world to let her adjust at her own pace. She said: 

“She became my priority, and I didn’t mind putting my career on hold for her.”

This Los Angeles-based actress put her dreams on hold just to help her new furry roommate. Not many people would do the same.

“I just wanted her to experience what it was to be a normal cat. To feel safe. To feel what it was to be loved by a human. To feel touch. And kisses. And cuddles.”

cat with cancer
Source: charcolesath

After six months of caring for Princess Charming, it was time for her regular vet check to determine if the cancer was progressing. 

Debbie was feeling so anxious about the results and her cat’s condition, but what the vet said left her speechless. 

To everyone’s surprise, Princess Charming was healthy, and the cancer was gone – like it had never been there! 

Upon hearing this amazing news, Debbie was thrilled but also completely shocked. Princess Charming was truly a medical miracle!

cute owner and cute cat
Source: charcolesath

In a conversation with The Dodo, Debbie shared her thoughts on the whole experience, saying:

“At that moment I felt so happy because I knew! I knew! It was the love that I gave her!”

Realizing her beloved feline companion was healthy and completely cured, Debbie decided it was finally time to give Princess Charming her big surprise: Introducing her to her Pomeranian brother, Charcole!

She started their meet-ups with shared breakfasts and dinners. It took Charming five long months to get used to Cole, but Debbie didn’t mind. She was just happy their babies were finally hanging out together.

cat and fluffy dog
Source: charcolesath

For Debbie, those five months were more than just working hard to bond a cat and a dog; they were months that Princess Charming wasn’t initially supposed to have.

They were miracle months, and Debbie would’ve invested even more time if it meant her precious feline fluff got to experience them like any other kitty.

And the best part? Charming and Charcole get along pretty well today. They both love to play, so there’s never a dull moment in Debbie’s home!

black cat and woman
Source: charcolesath

When it comes to Debbie and Princess Charming, their bond is truly remarkable. Despite never intending to have a cat, Debbie has shown herself to be an exceptional cat mom.

Their journey serves as a powerful reminder of the immense impact love can have in our lives, even in the simplest of moments.

I’ll finish off this inspiring story with a couple of Debbie’s words that we should all strive to live by:

“With any action that you choose, positivity and love can make a huge impact. I don’t know, maybe even create a miracle.”

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