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Shelter Cat With Chubby Cheeks Lost All Hope For A Loving Home Until Someone Special Came By

Shelter Cat With Chubby Cheeks Lost All Hope For A Loving Home Until Someone Special Came By

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This couple came across an ad for an adorable cat with huge cheeks that needed a home. They decided to visit the shelter just to see the cat, but it turned out to be much more than that…

photo of a cat with enormous cheeks
Credit: Lollypop Farm

This stray cat was found in bad shape and brought to Lollypop Farm. They suspected it had been hit by a car and hoped the shelter could help. 

The cat, named Grizzly, was thought to be around 10 years old and he has probably spent most of his life living outdoors. In addition to the car accident injuries, Grizzly also had an upper respiratory infection, bad teeth, and other minor issues.

He appeared malnourished and exhausted. However, even though he was quiet and shy when they first brought him to the shelter, he also showed his sweet nature.

photo of grizzly, a cat with chubby cheeks
Credit: Lollypop Farm

Despite the initial rough shape in which he was found, Grizzly fully recovered in his foster care. He regained energy and put on some healthy weight, leaving his enormous cheeks in place.

The next step was to find Grizzly a permanent home, so he was introduced to the other cats in the adoption area.

However, he quickly faded into the background as more outgoing and social cats captured the attention of visitors. Grizzly preferred to snuggle up in his bed, curled up in the back and out of sight.

Shelter staff often came to pet him and spend some time with him, knowing that he would shine if given a warm lap and a safe, quiet environment.

distressed grizzly meowing
Credit: Lollypop Farm

His picture was posted on Facebook, and around that same time, Amber happened to be browsing through the shelter’s page. It was just something she did from time to time – looking at cute pics of animals, with no intention to adopt.

However, one cat caught her eye! It was a cat with enormous cheeks. The biggest cheeks, and eyes she’s ever seen. 

“I just knew we had to meet him.”

Although her boyfriend wasn’t much of a “cat person”, he agreed to go with her just to “have a look”.

photo of grizzly the cat
Credit: Lollypop Farm

They arrived at the shelter and searched for Grizzly. When they found him, he was perched up on a window, sleeping, while other young kitties greeted the couple looking for attention.

Grizzly seemed tired to them and didn’t get up from his nap even though they came and talked to him. That’s when one of the staff members opened the door to his area, so they could interact.

grizzly enjoying pets from his visitors
Credit: Lollypop Farm

Here we found out that Grizzly loves to sit on laps and make biscuits. When he turned around to look at them, it was like love at first sight. Dan and Amber couldn’t think of any other solution but to bring him home. 

They couldn’t bear the thought of leaving him behind.

They immediately agreed to a trial period to see if the adoption would work out. However, deep down, they knew he was the one… It had to be a success! 

Taking Grizzly home was a piece of cake. He didn’t mind the car ride at all or the carrier. He slept through most of the ride.

“We quickly found out taking naps was his specialty.”

grizzly the cat sleeping comfortably in new home
Credit: Lollypop Farm

The couple set up a room for Grizzly with everything he needed: multiple litter boxes, cat toys, soft things, favorite food, and “a throne” i.e. his own comfy couch.

Then they took turns going to his room to give him treats and show him how happy they were to have him. It didn’t take long for Grizzly to feel their love and realize that this is the home where he belonged.

photo of grizzly feeling and looking healthier after adoption
Credit: Lollypop Farm

Grizzly just fit in perfectly into their home and completed their family. He started jumping into their laps and curling up on their chests, completely winning them over. He is the most loving cat they have ever seen.

He is vocal, attention-seeking, sweet, and just a great pet.

“We like to say he has the personality of a million cats wrapped into one. He gives us actual hugs with his paws. He became attached at our hips and a permanent staple of our family.”

grizzly resting on his owner
Credit: Lollypop Farm

Grizzly was given another name as well – Mr. Jenkins. He simply brings sunshine and joy into his humans’ lives. He greets them every day, regularly asks for pets, and is also very punctual when it’s mealtime. 

grizzly enjoys his new life with new family
Credit: Lollypop Farm

The couple instantly fell in love with Grizzly and his adorable chubby cheeks. They only went to the shelter “to look at” him, but once they arrived, they couldn’t imagine any other outcome than adopting him.

“We are forever thankful to Lollypop Farm, they completed our family.”

Now, Mr. Jenkins no longer has to worry about finding a home or searching for new parents. They have become a family, and this is his forever home.

grizzly, now called mr jenkins, sleeping comfortably in new home
Credit: Lollypop Farm

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