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This Kitten Was Cruelly Abandoned Because Of It’s Enormous Belly

This Kitten Was Cruelly Abandoned Because Of It’s Enormous Belly

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When I decided to adopt my cat Beans I was determined to provide him the best life possible. The responsibility you take on when adopting a cat is huge, but sadly most people aren’t aware of this.

In todays story, I’ll tell you about a beautiful British Shorthair kitten and how the poor soul was left all alone.

cat with a big belly
Credit: YouTube

A man noticed the kitten wandering around the neighborhood and he immediately decided to post about it on their local neighborhood chat. The man was sadly in no position to help the poor kitten, so he hoped the post would reach the right person.

The poor soul had a huge belly, it almost seemed like the kitten was about to give birth at any moment! They soon learned that the previous owner had abandoned the kitten on the streets…

gray cat being held
Credit: YouTube

One woman saw the post and immediately volunteered to take the kitten to the vet. The whole neighborhood came together to help, scooping the kitten up in a cardboard box. This poor thing didn’t resist at all!

hand petting the cat
Credit: YouTube

However, once they arrived at the clinic, the vet had some shocking news for the woman. The kitten was not pregnant at all – the poor soul was a boy and the reason for his huge belly was quite sad.

abandoned cat
Credit: YouTube

After some blood tests, it turned out the kitten suffered from feline infectious peritonitis, which according to Cornell University is a virus found in the gastrointestinal tract.

However, the symptoms usually don’t involve an enormous belly. This only meant that our poor boy was left in the streets for too long, and the virus took a toll on his body.

photo of cat with a big belly
Credit: YouTube

Luckily, the vet still had some good news. He assured the woman that the kitten would recover after a round of medication. She left the kitten at the clinic, knowing he was finally in good hands. 

Over the next few days, the clinic staff carefully measured his belly. After a week, they noticed his belly was getting significantly smaller and he could finally jump and run around with ease.

close-up photo of the cat
Credit: YouTube

The adorable kitten made some friends at the clinic, however, his favorite human was the lady who saved him. Every day she would come and visit her feline friend and he would always curl up in her lap.

His path to recovery was not over, but the vet decided it was time for the kitten to go to his forever home. He was adopted by a woman who worked closely with the clinic, and she was ready to give him the best life possible!

cat wearing a red bib
Credit: YouTube

His new mom took notes on how to properly give him his medication and the two were now ready to leave the clinic. 

Today, the kitten enjoys his life while receiving all the love and care from his forever mom! He is a real cuddle bug and spends most of his time in his mom’s lap!

cat wearing a black shirt
Credit: YouTube

This gorgeous fluffball can now play with his toys, without his huge belly in the way! I’m so grateful kind people found this poor soul and saved him from a fatal outcome!

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