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This Cat’s Vitiligo Markings Make Him Unique But Something Else Makes Him Extraordinary

This Cat’s Vitiligo Markings Make Him Unique But Something Else Makes Him Extraordinary

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If you think that you’ve seen everything, just wait until you meet this unique-looking kitty!

Meet the Panda Kitty, a cat with vitiligo markings that give him the appearance of resembling an inverted panda. 

The cat has a black coat with white markings on the nose, ears, and tail. The reason for this cat’s unique coat coloration is due to vitiligo, a rare skin condition. 

photo of Panda the cat next to the car

According to PetMD, this condition causes the skin to lose its natural pigment, a process called depigmentation. 

It can cause hair to turn white; however, the important thing is that vitiligo is painless and won’t bother your cat at all.

black cat in a car

Besides his unique appearance, this kitty is also super friendly and loves to give people special greetings. 

Panda Kitty lives on a veterinary farm and whenever someone comes, he walks right up to their cars to meet them. His people said:

“He goes up to everyone and gets in their cars. He loves people.”

photo of Panda the cat standing in the car

One of Panda Kitty’s favorite activities is hopping into people’s cars for a quick inspection. He’s very special!

However, as Panda Kitty ages, his appearance will change too. His paws, nose, ears, and tail will continue losing their pigment. But one thing is for sure – the cat truly rocks this look!

close-up photo of Panda the cat taking a nap

At the end of the day, after he finishes greetings and car inspections, Panda Kitty likes to take a well-deserved break and enjoy a peaceful nap!

This is the coolest-looking cat I’ve seen lately. What do you think of Panda Kitty? 

the vitiligo cat Panda sitting in a chair

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