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Shelter Cat Charms Her Way Into A Loving Forever Home With Her Infectious Smile

Shelter Cat Charms Her Way Into A Loving Forever Home With Her Infectious Smile

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This adorable kitty named Tulip had a tough start in life, but she always greeted each day with a smile…

Tulip was found abandoned on the street when she was only two weeks old. Luckily, a kind animal rights activist rescued her and brought her to the shelter.

At the time, Tulip had an eye infection, but it didn’t stop her from smiling at the kind man who saved her.

Nor did it stop her from smiling at the camera. As if she knew he was taking a photo that would help her find a forever family…

Chris and Jenn, who were looking for a new furry companion for their cat Pinecone, came across Tulip’s smiling face online. They were immediately drawn to her happy expression. 

“Her grin in the tiny ad immediately attracted us.”

They quickly submitted an adoption application and were thrilled when it got approved. 

When they got to the shelter, they simply could not believe Tulip was still smiling. They bonded instantly. They fell in love with Tulip the minute they saw her. 

Even after bringing Tulip to her new home, her smile never faded. They thought it might have been a lucky capture in the ad photo, but Tulip continued to smile. They started taking lots of photos of her, amazed by her never-ending grin.

“Her smile is always there and never gets bored.”

Tulip is now a happy and healthy kitty who loves to play around and explore her home. She likes dragging toys around and playfully bothering her “big bro” Pinecone.

No matter how tough life gets, Tulip always keeps her cute smile. We can all learn a thing or two from this amazing, smiling kitty.

As Jenn used to say: 

“It’s difficult to picture our lives without her grin now. She filled our hearts and our house with so much joy.”

Unfortunately, after a few years of a love-filled life, Tulip passed away. In a heartfelt letter, Jenn shared that even during her sickness, Tulip’s smile never faded:

“Even when she was sick, her smile shined through as if to tell us everything was going to be okay. She was a fighter, a source of happiness, and a perfect addition to our family.”

“Since she was a kitten, Tulip has had a weak immune system and has always had some health issues.”

Jenn and Chris worked tirelessly and did their best to provide her with the care she needed. 

But sadly, after many vet appointments and treatments, Tulip developed a terminal condition called Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP), which quickly deteriorated her quality of life.

They thanked her for making their lives better and continue to post loving photos to celebrate their memories of the time they spent together.

We should all learn a lesson from Tulip and always remember that life’s too short not to smile each day.

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