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Clingy Cat Develops Strange Habit After Being Abandoned By His Owners

Clingy Cat Develops Strange Habit After Being Abandoned By His Owners

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Have you ever adopted a pet who seemed a little… attached? That’s exactly what happened to Imgur user theacaciasteph, whose ginger cat Wilbur has turned into her own personal feline boss. 

cat at home
Credit: Imgur

As soon as Wilbur arrived at his new home he wasted no time in showing that he had no intention of leaving his human mom, as she shared in an interview:

“My newly adopted cat Wilbur won’t stop staring at me. Soon after he came home he started staring. And he follows me around but not my husband.”

a cat sitting on the floor
Credit: Imgur

As it turns out, Wilbur’s previous owners had no desire to keep him anymore, and it wasn’t because of any misbehavior on Wilbur’s part, they just didn’t want him anymore.

But now, Wilbur goes out of his way to make sure his mom never feels lonely. He patiently waits by the door, seemingly able to recognize the sound of her car. 

And when she heads off to work, he gives her a disapproving look, almost as if he’s saying, “How could you do this to me?” His mom continued:

“He must’ve learned the sound of my car. He also does them when I’m leaving for work, like I’ve betrayed him.”

cat sitting by the laptop
Credit: Imgur

However, there’s more! Wilbur doesn’t just stop at that. He also keeps an eye on his mom when she’s working. He watches her closely while she’s on the computer. 

At first, she thought Wilbur’s staring was for everyone, but it turned out she was the only one he cared about. Even when someone pets him, Wilbur prefers to keep eye contact with his mom.

cats at home
Credit: Imgur

Wilbur also finds it fascinating to watch his mom from a distance while she hangs out with their other cat, Chloe. Maybe he’s a little jealous? Who can say for sure?

Every morning, his mom wakes up to see her ginger supervisor waiting for her to feed him. This earned her the nickname “can opener.” 

a man with his cats on their trees
Credit: Imgur

Wilbur’s love is sweet, however, sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming. To get him to sleep somewhere else, his mom had to put a sweater with her smell on it near her bed. She mentioned:

“I love him regardless of his creepiness.”

a cat peeking on the couch
Credit: Imgur

Even though he has somewhat creepy staring habits, his mom still loves him no matter what. Wilbur just wants to be near the person who gave him a happy home, and that’s nothing to be embarrassed about!

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