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Couple Goes To Starbucks For Coffee But Gets A Stunning Surprise With It

Couple Goes To Starbucks For Coffee But Gets A Stunning Surprise With It

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Picture this: You roll out of bed, start your day like any other, jump in your car, and head to your go-to Starbucks drive-thru for your daily dose of caffeine, and instead of getting just coffee you also drive away with a new kitten.

That’s exactly what happened to Ryan, the hero of today’s story, and his partner Kate.

Ryan and Kate were on a long road trip and decided to grab some coffee. While in line at the Starbucks drive-thru, they saw a woman rushing by, cradling a tiny kitten. Ryan, intrigued, rolled down his window to inquire about the kitten. 

The woman, who had obviously been in a hurry, explained she had just found the kitten but couldn’t keep it because she didn’t know how to care for it.

Luckily for the kitten, Ryan and Kate are huge animal lovers. Without hesitation, Ryan offered to take the kitten off her hands, providing a solution for everyone involved.

Though Ryan had never cared for such a small kitten, he was naturally gentle with it. Having two cats back home meant he and Kate were no strangers to feline care. Ryan quickly became enamored with the tiny newcomer, stating:

“I was smitten. I was like, ‘I can think of nothing else other than how much I already love this tiny thing.’”

After completing their road trip, they introduced the kitten to her new home.

For Ryan, adopting that kitten, whom he fondly named Clover felt like the only right thing to do. He said:

“We figured that having a good four-leaf clover good luck charm with us at all times would be a perfect name for her. She’s become what feels like the missing piece.”

Their unique rescue story, shared on TikTok, captured hearts, with many praising Ryan’s kindness. One commenter highlighted Ryan’s sweet nature, a sentiment Kate wholeheartedly agreed with, noting:

 “He really has a gentle heart – and I think animals can tell when someone has a sweet spirit.”

The story touched many, with some moved by the sight of a grown man showing so much love for a kitten and even shedding a tear.

Had Ryan and Kate not decided to grab coffee at Starbucks that day, they would have never met Clover, their little stroke of luck. Truly, Clover has lived up to her lucky namesake!

Before you go, I encourage you to check out the video Ryan and Kate posted about Clover’s rescue story. And for more adorable Clover updates, be sure to check their TikTok profile.

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