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Boston Man Was A True Dog Person Until One Special Cat Changed His Heart

Boston Man Was A True Dog Person Until One Special Cat Changed His Heart

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Meet Greg, a true-blue dog lover whose world took an unexpected turn with the arrival of a courageous little cat named Mochi. What began with cautious optimism soon transformed into a heartwarming story of love and unbreakable bonds.

Greg didn’t quite know what he was getting into with a cat. He’d heard all those stereotypes about felines being distant and aloof. But oh boy, was he in for a delightful surprise!

Greg, Natalia & Mochi

the cat is lying on its back with big eyes

Mochi, who used to go by the name Dollar, had a rough start in life. She lived with a family in Boston as a purebred kitty but developed a severe infection. That’s when she found herself at MSPCA, a local rescue.

Sadly, Mochi lost her tail and part of her leg during her recovery. Around the same time, Greg and Natalia were looking to rescue a cat. 

They received a call that they had been chosen to adopt Mochi, and Greg recalls the moment:

“Natalia was yelling around the house. She was so happy, you know, and I was trying to be the cool, calm dad, and said ‘Well you know, let’s meet her first’. As soon as we walked in, we just fell in love immediately.”

portrait of a cat sitting on a blanket and looking at the camera

The shelter workers were deeply moved, saying that Greg and Natalia had hit the jackpot with Mochi. Greg adds:

“People were tearing up, she had just had a huge impact and bonded with everyone around her.”

Just two months into life with Mochi, Greg noticed her zest for life and boundless energy. She’s now a healthy, playful bundle of joy with a sweet and affectionate personality.

“When we adopted her, she was just under two and a half pounds. She smelled like sulfur, but after a few weeks, she was totally fine.”

Greg couldn’t believe how quickly they bonded with their feline friend. He loves cuddling with her, playing together, and just reveling in all that Mochi brings to their lives.

A True Cat Lover

the cat sits on towels and poses for the camera

Surprisingly, Mochi is quite vocal, a trait Greg hadn’t expected. Despite her challenges, she doesn’t let anything hold her back. She may have trouble running in a straight line, but that doesn’t stop her from running, hiding, and playing as if she had a tail.

Mochi’s curiosity knows no bounds, and to Greg and Natalia, she’s like a little ball of fur. They affectionately refer to her as a “shapeless cat” because of her flexibility and furball appearance.

a white cat lies on a gray pillow and poses in front of the camera

Greg never considered himself a cat person before; he was more of a lifelong dog lover. But look at him now, thinking about getting a “dorky see-through backpack” to take Mochi on walks. As he puts it:

“I was not a cat person before, would’ve definitely considered myself a dog person, but ever since adopting her, it’s been totally different. As soon as I wake up, the first thing I do is check on her, make sure she’s okay, that she’s got all her food and water.”

Congratulations, Greg! You’ve not only become a cat parent but also a devoted cat lover!

the cat is lying on a fluffy white pillow

You’ve got to see how they “compete” for Mochi’s attention; it’s a riot! Greg claims she’s a daddy’s girl, while Natalia insists she’s her little baby:

Natalia lovingly notes that everyone should be a bit more like Mochi, and Greg adds:

“She’s an absolute fighter. She is the strongest little kitty I’ve ever met. She’s been on planes, she’s been in a shelter for two months, and I think now having some stability in her life, she wants to show us how much she loves us.”

Indeed, cats often express gratitude in their own unique ways, especially when they’ve been rescued and given a fresh start in life.

Lastly, a warm welcome to Greg in our cat-loving world! Get ready for more feline love coming your way. If you’d like to follow Mochi’s future adventures with Greg and Natalia, check out their Instagram page!

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