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Elderly Man Bids Farewell To His Blind Cat For A Heartbreaking Reason

Elderly Man Bids Farewell To His Blind Cat For A Heartbreaking Reason

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While there are people who cruelly abandon their pets just because they don’t want them anymore, some people give them away because they have to. 

Want to know how that’s different? Well, check out this story and discover what unselfishness is.

An Instagram user, Balam Says, the founder of a non-profit organization serving stray and wild animals of Mexico, brings a heartbreaking story about her elderly father and his beloved white, blind cat named Frida.

old man petting his cat
Credit: @balam_says

Her dad and Frida had a remarkable bond, so why did he put her up for adoption?

The main reason for that hard decision was that Frida, due to her blindness, struggled to live with other rescue cats there. She couldn’t relate to other cats, which led to her constantly hiding from them.

Another reason was that the elderly man knew Frida would outlive him. Sooner or later, she would be looking for another home. So, the man wanted everything to happen while he was still alive to be sure she was in good hands.

Balam shared that this wasn’t an easy decision. She and her father were discussing this topic for a while and realized there was only one right thing to do. She said:

“My 89-year-old father Peter and I have been in discussion about what the best thing to do for Frida would be…and we have decided that the best thing is for her to be re-homed. This is the most unselfish decision for my father to make, as he adores her.”

As they loved Frida so much, they wanted to find a perfect home and family for her. Her ideal family would be a retired person or someone who works from home. 

photo of old man lying with a cat next to him
Credit: @balam_says

Frida is a very smart and loving kitty, but she needs special conditions to feel comfortable. For example, she doesn’t like being around many other cats. She can live with one gentle cat, and it’s even better if that same cat is also a special needs cat. 

The elderly man, Frida’s human, has no doubts that Frida would love her new owner. He said with a smile on his face:

“I love this little cat. She’ll love anybody that will feed her. Oh, she’ll love anybody who’d be kind to her. How can you not be kind to this girl?”

Despite having so much love for this cat, the elderly man showed the most unselfish act by making sure she’s loved and taken good care of somewhere better. Balam said proudly:

“This is the most unselfish decision for my father to make, as he adores her.”

man giving cat a kiss
Credit: @balam_says

After a long search, Balam and her father finally found a perfect owner for Frida, Connie from St. Louise. She flew all the way to Balam’s home to pick Frida up, and the two bonded right away. Balam said:

“Seeing this put all our fears to rest. We feel good, albeit sad, about our decision to rehome her, but we really do know it’s for the best. Having personally met Connie, I feel so confident that Frida will receive absolutely everything her heart desires.”

Although heartbroken, Balam and her father were glad they found the right person for Frida, knowing she’d have the best life possible!

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