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11 Cats Were Rescued At Kennywood Park And Now It’s Discovered Who’s ‘Guilty’ For It All

11 Cats Were Rescued At Kennywood Park And Now It’s Discovered Who’s ‘Guilty’ For It All

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Pennsylvania’s famous Kennywood Park has recently become the unexpected scene of an amazing cat rescue mission. In just two weeks, two cat families were rescued, and the source of the whole chaos has finally been tracked down!

It all began one Saturday when a family found a tiny kitten at Kennywood Park, meowing near the exit ramp, and took her to the local shelter, Rescue and Relax.

The shelter staff knew where there was one kitten, there were likely more, so they instantly sprang into action. Their rescue team called in Randi Krohmaly, a seasoned trapper, who swiftly headed to the park.

cats rescued from park
Credit: Facebook

Despite the late hour, kind security staff at Kennywood allowed Randi to stay as long as necessary to carry out the rescue. With the help of a volunteer, Randi tirelessly searched the park until late at night when she found four kittens and their mama.

She brought them to the shelter, where a heartwarming reunion thrilled everyone. Overflowed with relief, the shelter staff shared the news on their Facebook page:

“Many small rescues, including us, will work tirelessly to try to find the others so kittens can grow up with their mom and siblings… We couldn’t have dreamed they’d all be reunited so quickly and we’re thrilled!”

cats with food in cage
Credit: Facebook

The Kennywood kittens captured the hearts of many followers who eagerly awaited further updates about their journey and their eventual search for forever homes.

A week later, the shelter shared a new post. However, this wasn’t the heartwarming update everyone anticipated; it was something way different, titled: “KENNYWOOD KITTENS ROUND 2.”

Could there be kittens? 

cat sitting in the park
Credit: YouTube

As it turned out, the team heard about another kitten spotted at Kennywood, hiding beneath a ride in Kiddieland. The ride was temporarily shut down, and Randi, always ready for action, hurried back to the park.

She arrived just as the park was about to close due to tornado warnings. Thankfully, the ever-supportive security allowed her to stay, and Randi rescued another family of four!

kittens got into the box
Credit: Facebook

Mama cat and three kittens were brought to the shelter, but sadly, one little furball remained in the park, as the shelter explained in the post:

“She caught a mama cat and 2 kittens within an hour. The third kitten went into the trap shortly after, but a fourth kitten proved stubborn. Security allowed her to remain as late as they possibly could, but she eventually had to leave without the last baby.”

However, Randi wasn’t one to give up. She returned to the park the following day, determined to rescue the last baby.

With patience and perseverance, she succeeded and caught the final kitten, bringing the total number of rescued cats to eleven.

kitty looking at one point
Credit: Instagram

Thanks to Randi, the Rescue and Relax team, Kennywood security, and the community who helped with donations, the entire Kennywood kitty clan was safe and sound. They were placed in loving foster homes, looking forward to a bright future.

In a surprising twist, the shelter team has recently discovered the culprit behind the whole kitten chaos – a sneaky tomcat known to roam the Kennywood area.

They plan to catch him and get him fixed, to prevent any more unexpected kitten surprises. This will ensure the Kennywood kitten saga has a happy ending for everyone!

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