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California Family Adopts Two 21-Year-Old Cats Giving Them A Chance To Enjoy Their Golden Years

California Family Adopts Two 21-Year-Old Cats Giving Them A Chance To Enjoy Their Golden Years

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A compassionate family, the Smiths, from San Diego, CA, embarked on a heartwarming mission to adopt a shelter cat. 

However, little did they know that their decision would bring not one, but two, 21-year-old bonded cats into their lives, creating a beautiful tale of love and companionship in their golden years.

cute orange and black cat

The story begins with Pepa and Meli, two 21-year-old feline sisters who found themselves at the local shelter after their owner passed away. Their situation is, sadly, all too common. Amanda Smith shared her perspective, saying:

“They are yet another example of what happens when an owner does not have a plan for their pets should something happen to them. It’s a story shelters hear time after time.”

black and orange kitty

Amanda and her husband had already welcomed Camellia, a 16-year-old blind and deaf feline from West LA Animal Services, into their loving home. 

It was during this time that one of the shelter’s volunteers approached them with a plea for help for the two bonded senior cats.

bored cat standing

Upon hearing their plea, Amanda’s heart swelled with empathy. She said:

“A bonded pair of super seniors. I think we all know what the odds are there. To make matters worse, Meli had been moved off the adoption floor due to fearful and aggressive behavior. Being guardian to a previously terrified girl, I knew I had to get them both out of there.”

Without hesitation, the couple embarked on a journey to Los Angeles to rescue these precious senior kitties and provide them with a forever home. Amanda described the challenges they faced upon adopting Pepa and Meli.

cat eating cat food

“When we adopted them we found that Pepa was emaciated, had severe dental problems, and was severely matted. She is also the most friendly, brave, loving cat I’ve ever known. Of all the cats I have loved, none has nose booped me at every greeting the way she does.”

Every time they return home, Pepa eagerly rushes to the door to greet them, a testament to her loving nature.

cat with cute eyes

On the other hand, Meli needed more time to adjust to her new life. She was initially very fearful, finding solace only when their daughter would feed her. Amanda said:

“Though it’s so easy to want instant results, we know that scared cats take time and patience. We are giving her both. Slowly, little by little, we are seeing her begin to become comfortable. We will give her all the time she needs. That’s what family does.”

owner petting the cat

Nearly three months later, Meli emerged from her hiding spot, revealing herself as a lovely kitty who adores head scratches. 

Amanda’s family has always been committed to saving senior cats, despite the emotional challenges that come with loving a cat who may not have many years left. She added:

“No matter how long they are in our care, we can say with confidence when the time comes that we have loved them the best we could every single day they were with us. We gave them a new end to their story. Instead of dying alone, scared, and abandoned in a shelter, they pass in a comfortable home surrounded by love.”

two cats in a cat bag

These two senior cats have truly blessed this kind-hearted family, and the Smiths have grand plans for their future. Amanda shared:

“When my husband leaves the Navy, we plan on opening a full-fledged senior sanctuary. That is our heart. That is my life goal.”

We can only hope that this compassionate couple’s dreams come true, as the world undoubtedly needs more loving where our senior cats can spend their remaining days.

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