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Sweet Kitten Refused To Come Out From Under The Shed, But This Family Never Gave Up On Him

Sweet Kitten Refused To Come Out From Under The Shed, But This Family Never Gave Up On Him

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There’s a common saying that goes, “We don’t choose cats, but cats choose us.” Even a lot of our followers claim the same thing. 

And I truly believe it’s true. Cats often find their way into our lives when we least expect it, but always at a time when we need them. Similarly, a cat named Walter made his way into this family’s backyard in the most unexpected way… 

kitten walter

This sweet little tabby hid under a shed in their backyard and refused to come out. But this family was not going to give up on him… 

“We heard some meowing from out back. Shone a light under the shed, and there he was!”

The family tried so hard to get to the poor cat that night, but he was too scared, and they simply couldn’t reach him.

kitten found in the dark

“Finally coaxed him to come to the deck steps the next morning. He walked right in the door like he owned the place.” 

It was at that moment that Walter seemed to have decided he would no longer live the life of a stray cat.

kitten meowing

He fit right in with his new family. 

kitten on red blanket

He loved his new home right away! On his very first day, he even claimed a bed as his own.

kitten enjoying

Just look at him! Those adorable ear tufts and whiskers are simply irresistible. 

pretty cat sitting

Walter fit right in with his big bro in no time as well! Here’s Marty grooming him.

cats sniffing and playing

And look at them all, after some time… Walter really did become the king of the household.

three cats looking through the door glass

It must feel good to be king.

cat resting on bed

Walter came a long way from living a stray life hiding under a shed. Now, he enjoys the love of his caring family, furry siblings, and what seems to be the best life one could imagine. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed Walter’s story. Feel free to share it with your friends.

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