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Family Searching Adoptable Cats Shocked After Seeing A Familiar Face

Family Searching Adoptable Cats Shocked After Seeing A Familiar Face

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Imagine stumbling on your former cat after thinking you’ll never meet each other again. Well, that must be destiny!

This extraordinary reunion happened to a family from Washington who, due to unfortunate circumstances, were forced to surrender their beloved cat to a shelter, not knowing they’d meet again a few years later.

funny appearance cat
Credit: Alyssa Nicole

It all happened when Alyssa Nicole and her family had to part with their beloved cat named Gato. 

At the time, the whole family was going through a lot of things. They faced eviction and needed to leave their home in Washington. 

cat laying on her back
Credit: Alyssa Nicole

Unable to bring Gato with them, Alyssa’s mom tried her best to find a new home for him, but unsuccessfully. She asked many people to take him under their wing, but no one could help.

Sadly, she was left with no options but to surrender Gato to the local shelter, hoping he would get a chance for a better life. But little did they know what was about to happen two years later.

cat relaxing on books
Credit: Alyssa Nicole

Things finally started to get better for the whole family. They had found stable housing and returned to Washington, but something was missing – a cat to fill their home with joy.

Finally, they decided to look at shelter cats available for adoption. While browsing, Alyssa’s mom came across a post about a cat needing a new home, but something about that cat was very unusual.

The cat in the photo had the exact same facial markings as their former beloved cat, Gato. 

a cat in a baby crib
Credit: Alyssa Nicole

But, the real shock came when the family realized the cat from the photo didn’t just look like Gato, it was actually Gato himself. Alyssa shared in an interview:

“We were all screaming. We were so excited, jumping up and down.”

As soon as the family realized the cat from the photo was Gato himself, they knew they had to go and pick him up.

Upon a heartwarming reunion, Gato instantly recognized his humans, as though they were never apart. He began meowing and rubbing his head against them. The whole family was in shock, saying it was ‘too strange to be a coincidence.’

little girl holding a cat
Credit: Alyssa Nicole

But the truth is that was their destiny. They were forced to part ways, but fate brought them back together for their happily ever after. Gato quickly settled back into his home, overjoyed to be with his humans again.

Now, they all live happily together, still amazed by how fate intervened and brought their beloved Gato back to them. 

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