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This Feisty Kitten Has A Change Of Heart Once He Smells A Yummy Treat

This Feisty Kitten Has A Change Of Heart Once He Smells A Yummy Treat

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Abandoned kittens are often scared of humans, trying to hide or run from us. However, the kitten from today’s story was ready to fight the man who came to help.

This man was informed about two kittens hiding behind a building, and sadly they were in a desperate state. He immediately rushed to help, with a carrier in one hand and a bunch of treats in the other. 

two stray kittens
Source: YouTube

Once the man arrived at the kittens’ hiding spot, he noticed they were not from the same litter. One kitten was way bigger, while the other was just a tiny fuzzball. 

He slowly approached them, thinking it would be easy to catch them. While the older kitten was indeed scared of the man, the tiny kitten was the feistiest creature this man had ever seen!

stray kitten with different color of eyes
Source: YouTube

The little fellow didn’t even try to run away, instead, he started hissing at the man probably thinking he would scare the big human away. 

The man soon realized it would take way more than just a slow approach to catch them, so he decided to entice them with some treats. 

He was holding the treat in one hand and slowly tried to approach the tiny kitten. However, the little fighter was not interested at all! He was still jumping and hissing around, trying to look scary and big!

scared stray kitten
Source: YouTube

The man waited patiently with the treat in his hand, knowing the kitten would come around eventually. 

While the tiny kitten was still putting on his feisty show, the older kitten came out of his hiding place. The poor soul was so hungry he instantly jumped all over the treat in the man’s hand. 

The tiny kitten was now completely confused! His best friend decided to trust this scary human, while he tried his best to protect them!

guy helping stray kittens
Source: YouTube

However, seeing his best friend enjoying the delicious food, the tiny fellow decided to see what the fuss was about. 

It took him only one bite to completely change his behavior! The feisty kitten was so hungry, he instantly forgot the man was ‘scary’. 

The kind-hearted man gave the kittens more yummy treats while gently cuddling them and they didn’t mind the cuddles at all!

stray kittens eating
Source: YouTube

After a quick vet visit, the adorable fuzzballs were headed to their forever home. The man gently cleaned them and prepared a cozy and warm bed. 

Little did they know, their life was about to change completely. From the cold street they once considered home, to a warm and loving forever abode.

kittens in pink box
Source: YouTube

This feisty adorable kitten made my day and I’m so grateful this man rescued them! 

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