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Man Discovers A Cat With A Can Stuck On Its Head Urging Him To Help

Man Discovers A Cat With A Can Stuck On Its Head Urging Him To Help

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Taki, a kind-hearted man, discovered a feral cat with a can stuck on its head. The cat appeared to be struggling to breathe and softly meowed for help.

the cat put its head in the can

Taki took the cat to his car to safely remove the can. However, when he removed the can, the cat hissed and panicked, leaving Taki unsure of what to do.

the cat eats from a can

“The cat is wild. Should I set him free? Or should I take him with me?”

Since the cat seemed to be in good condition and there were houses around so, Taki assumed that people from those nearby houses were feeding stray cats from that area. He debated whether to set the cat free or take it with him… 

the cat is sitting in the car

Taki owns a shelter, and he felt it wouldn’t be fair to take this cat with him, if he was doing just fine out there, roaming freely. So, he initially decided to release the cat.

“It will not be fair for this cat to put her in my shelter with so many other cats…”

That is when Taki decided to open the door to his car and set the cat free. However, the cat seemed to have changed her mind… 

Surprisingly, the cat hesitated and chose to stay with Taki.

the cat is sitting in the car at the back

Taki counted to 10, and the cat did not leave. 

the cat enjoys the car

Recognizing this change of heart, Taki brought the cat along and took it to the vet, where it was found to be healthy.

the cat enjoys boxing

Taki continued to gain the cat’s trust by offering treats… 

the cat eats food in the box

And eventually succeeded in petting it without the need for food.

a man petting a cat in a box

Gradually, the cat gave in… 

the cat enjoys being petted

The cat fell in love with its rescuer and enjoyed all the cuddles it could get!

a cat in a cage

The once hissing feral cat transformed into a calm and affectionate cuddle bug.

a man touches a cat while lying on his pillow

To learn more about Taki and his shelter, you can follow him and watch the full rescue below:

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