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Semi-Feral Cat With FIV Defies All Odds And Finds Home With Other Cats Who Are Just Like Him

Semi-Feral Cat With FIV Defies All Odds And Finds Home With Other Cats Who Are Just Like Him

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There have been issues with feral cats for years. The main problem is that people don’t pay much attention to such kitties, thinking they won’t interact. However, feral cats are the main reason for overpopulation. 

On top of everything, they often suffer different injuries and infections and have to fend for themselves to get food, which is very sad. So, just like any other abandoned cat, feral cats need help too. 

Luckily, this time I will bring you the story of a semi-feral cat named Tuffy who fought back and forth for his sake and got himself a happy life, along with other kitties who are just like him.

stray cat found a new owners

Tuffy is a real example of a feral cat. Thanks to a kind-hearted man, Tuffy got a second chance to enjoy a new journey in his life.

This semi-feral cat had been hiding behind the bushes of the man’s house for a very long time. Knowing there was a cat desperately asking for food, the man started leaving the food out for him for a couple of months. 

Despite all the efforts, the cat was weaker every time he would return for food. That started to worry the kind man, so he immediately contacted Orphan Kitten Rescue Association for help.

new owner taking care about his new cat

The man managed to trap the cat in the carrier, which was the safest way for both him and the cat. VOKRA shared a post on Facebook with the caption:

“Tuffy was always running and was very hard to catch him, but the man was able to lure him into a carrier and contacted us.”

Poor Tuffy was in bad condition. His sinuses were swollen because he had a cold, his eyes and other body parts were damaged as well. The staff of VOKRA said:

“He let us clean his ears and eyes, give him the needed medicine and add antibiotic eye cream.”

cat laying in the corner of the house

With professional care, Tuffy’s health improved significantly after only several weeks. In addition, he wasn’t shy and fearful anymore; he started trusting humans. He quickly realized that all the staff was there to help him during his tragedy.

Tuffy became more open to people with each passing day; he started enjoying cuddles and all the attention, which helped him to bond with the shelter. VOKRA said:

“As he arrived at us covered in fleas with his fur entirely tangled, we shaved the mats off his back which seemingly made him feel much more satisfying.”

owner and the cat in the cat cage

VOKRA had been updating Tuffy’s recovery, where some caretakers of feral colonies recognized him. According to them, he was in the colony for over 9 years, and VOKRA said:

“He would always stay by the bushes and wait until the feral cats ate, after that, he came and finished off the food. These caretakers hadn’t seen Tuffy for about a year, though.”

Taffy recovered well at the shelter; however, one thing remained an issue… Tuffy was FIV positive, which meant that he couldn’t be in the same house with other cats. Fortunately, people came up with a great solution.

close up picture of the ex stray cat

VOKRA transferred Tuffy to Katie’s Place Rescue Shelter, to stay with other cats who are also FIV positive. Katie said:

“We do not want to be scared all the time and have made the decision to move him to our monitored Safe Feral Area where he will have a heated cabin and a big, nice forested area enclosed by a fence.”

The end of this story actually made me cry. Instead of being all by himself, the staff provided him with a place where other cats like him were.

Tuffy has come a long way, and I’m glad he’s alright now. Who knows, maybe he will find a forever home too!

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