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Former Seattle Marine Finds Orphaned Kitten In Dire Straits And Changes Her Life Forever

Former Seattle Marine Finds Orphaned Kitten In Dire Straits And Changes Her Life Forever

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I’m sure you’ve already heard that sometimes we don’t choose our cats, but instead, they choose us. 

Well, one such example is the heartwarming story about an orphaned kitten who stole this man’s heart and got the forever home she always wanted.

A kitten named Jubilee was all skin and bones, desperately needing her mother’s care when she arrived at the Seattle Humane Society’s shelter.

woman holding a kitten in her hand
Source: YouTube

But, soon after she arrived in the shelter, her paths crossed with a former marine, Gabe, who wanted nothing more than to help the poor kitten survive. 

Without hesitation, he took her into his temporary care and provided her with round-the-clock care.

Jubilee received everything she needed to regain her strength and survive, including water treatment in a suitably sized jacuzzi, which she adored.

woman petting a newborn kitten
Source: YouTube

Even though Gabe didn’t expect it, Jubilee had a lot of fun during her water treatments in a warm bathtub.

Gabe took great care of Jubilee and the results finally started to get noticed. She gained some weight and was beyond happy to have someone to support her throughout her journey.  

kitten bathing
Source: YouTube

Once Jubilee realized she was in good hands, she instantly transformed into a tiny purring machine, ready to continue her journey to recovery and embrace life with both paws. 

Little by little, Jubilee started exploring her new surroundings and even eating from a bowl. She kept growing bigger and stronger, making her foster dad Gabe extremely proud.

very sweet kitten
Source: YouTube

As she grew, Jubilee’s true personality began to emerge. She blossomed into a playful, curious, and mischievous feline.   

Although Gabe took Jubilee into his temporary care, she found a way to steal his heart and stay by his side forever. He couldn’t surrender her to anyone, so he decided to officially adopt Jubilee. 

kitten on the owner shoulder
Source: YouTube

Jubilee was an orphaned kitten, so fragile that her future wasn’t very promising. But, thanks to Gabe and his dedication, care, love, and patience, Jubilee conquered it all. 

She’s now a happy, peaceful kitty who has a loving human by her side and a forever home to thrive in.

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