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Two Foster Cats Open Their Hearts To An Orphaned Pup, Showering Him With Love And Friendship

Two Foster Cats Open Their Hearts To An Orphaned Pup, Showering Him With Love And Friendship

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People often think that cats are independent, selfish creatures. However, I don’t think that cat parents would agree with this.

Of course, every cat has its own personality; some are more affectionate, and some are more shy, etc. This video here is proof that cats are caring animals that can help others a lot.

Haley Waugh, a foster mom and coordinator for Front Street Animals Rescue Center in Sacramento, California, brings us a touching story! Her foster cats accepted a helpless pup into their feline company and helped him find happiness.

german shepherd puppy and cat looking at each other
Credits: YouTube

Haley says that she occasionally has a foster dog or a puppy who gets along with her cats, but she has never seen such a connection between cats and dogs before. 

What happened is that someone brought a puppy to the rescue who was only a few days old. She didn’t know where it came from or where his mom was, or anything. Despite that, she took the puppy in and bottle-fed him to help him grow stronger and survive.

What About Her Cats, How Did They React? 

Surprisingly, her feline company immediately showed their friendly sides and accepted the helpless pup, named Osito, into their gang as one of their own. Luckily, it turned out that Osito also liked the cats more than anything.

Haley says in the video:

“As he grew, he just became more and more friendly with them and as he starts to play he’s right there bouncing next to the cats.”

“I first started noticing when he would knead on the blanket,” she continued, saying that it was really cute.

german shepherd puppy and cat photographed
Credits: YouTube

Osito loved to play with cats and their toys and would always mimic his friendly cats. If you just take a look at this video, you can immediately see that this puppy wasn’t raised by dogs. Obviously, he behaves more like a cat, and I think it’s adorable. 

It seems as though he felt more comfortable in the company of cats rather than dogs. He would always play with cats and their toys. Most of all, he would prefer lying in the cat bed next to them.

“If they don’t like dogs, they’ll usually hiss and swat at them, and they didn’t do that with him. They totally let him play with them and hang out with them.” 

cute photo of a dog and cat who adopted him
Credits: YouTube

This lovely story lasted for three months because then Osito actually got adopted, and I’m so happy about that. 

What’s even better is that he was adopted by a family who already has two of Haley’s foster cats, which means he’ll still have his furry friends, and he will be able to enjoy playing with them all day long. 

I don’t think that there was a better option for Osito than this and, thanks to Haley, this story has a happy ending.

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