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This Funny Cat Can Predict Weather And You’ll Never Guess How

This Funny Cat Can Predict Weather And You’ll Never Guess How

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Most people wonder if cats can predict the weather. Well, here’s a proof that some cats can actually do just that.

Meet Maxwell, an unusual-looking cat who possesses a unique ‘weather predicting’ skill that helps his family anticipate incoming storms.

Want to find out how? No problem. 

Maxwell’s humans were so impressed by his abilities that they shared an amazing video on their TikTok account, showcasing how he predicts the weather, and it completely blew everyone’s minds.

@maxandhisfloofs I can tell there is storm brewing!! The floofs get static. 😹😹🥰. #maxandhisfloofs #floofsoftiktok #maxwellthecat #cattok #catsoftiktok #fyp #cat #catsmoves #catstagram #catslovers #sillycat #meow #cutecat #catlover #blacksmoke #rescuecat #catoftheday #funnycats #catsofinstagram ♬ original sound – Maxwell Charles

Maxwell, with his distinctive appearance highlighted by his fluffy “floof” around his ears, became an internet sensation. But his weather-predicting talent is what truly sets him apart. You won’t believe how he does it!

The truth is, Maxwell’s fuzzy fur around his ears stands up when the storm is about to hit. 

His humans explained that this happens due to the static in the air that occurs before a storm. As they captioned the video:

“I can tell there is storm brewing. The floofs get static.”

Thanks to his unique skill, Maxwell has become a real “meowteorologist.” His incredible ability, coupled with his charming appearance, left many people in awe, prompting them to leave numerous comments on the video.

the cat is sitting on the terrace on the couch

One user humorously remarked:

“He looks like he has a PhD in high mathematics.”

Another said:

“I just really think that he’s the most magnificent cat I’ve ever seen in my whole life.”

Some even playfully compared this unusual-looking cat to Albert Einstein:

“Einstein came back as a cat and is now on TikTok, 2023 plot is wild.”

“If Albert Einstein was a cat.”

“Catbert Einstein.”

While most people were impressed by Maxwell’s skills, many also wanted to know about his breed. 

However, according to Maxwell’s TikTok bio, his exact breed is unknown as he joined the family as a rescue cat.

an unusual cat sits and looks around

When it comes to other cats and their weather-predicting skills, most people believe that cats indeed have this ability. Old Farmer’s Almanac states:

“Their heightened senses can allow them to pick up hints that a storm is coming. Cats’ inner ears may detect the sudden fall in atmospheric pressure. A cat is also more sensitive to sounds and smells. Therefore, your cat will hear the rumble of a thunderstorm before you do. Likewise, your cat is more likely to smell the incoming rain or that metallic odor of lightning in the air.”

According to PetMD, some cats are afraid of thunderstorms, however, their reactions may vary. If you know your cat well enough, you’ll quickly realize that the storm is coming.

“Some cats respond with fear to loud and unexpected noises and unexpected flashes of light brought on by storms.”

Maxwell’s humans are delighted to have a cat with such a unique appearance and an incredible skill that draws even more attention to him once people learn about it. 

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