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Mother Cat With 4 Kittens Discovered In A Laundry Basket In The Basement Of An Indiana Home

Mother Cat With 4 Kittens Discovered In A Laundry Basket In The Basement Of An Indiana Home

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Imagine cleaning a house and discovering a cat with four kittens in a laundry basket in the basement. Well, that’s exactly what happened to a woman who was hired to clean a vacant home in Indiana.

As she ventured into the basement, she stumbled upon an unexpected furry surprise. She couldn’t believe her eyes.

ginger cat nursing her kittens

Lori White, a volunteer of Alliance for Responsible Pet Ownership, an animal rescue organization in Indiana, received a call about this furry family of five. She said:

“She found a cat and her babies in a laundry basket, with no food or water to be found in the house. The house was locked with a lockbox, so I don’t know how long they were left there.”

close-up photo of the ginger cat

Thankfully, the kind-hearted woman who discovered this ginger feline family knew they needed help and took immediate action. Lori said:

“She scooped them up and took them home to feed the mom and work on finding a rescue to take them.”

The poor mother cat was very skinny, weak, and starving. She was doing her best to nourish her kittens and keep them alive. 

cat and kittens lying on a blanket

Thanks to the compassionate woman who found them, they all had delicious food to eat and a clean nest to rest. After enjoying the meal, the mother cat settled into a clean nest, ready to feed her four babies. 

Despite the challenges this furry family had faced, the ginger kittens were all in good health, clean, and well-nurtured. However, the woman who found them thought it would be best to entrust them to someone with more experience in feline care.

kitten standing on white tile

She reached out to her local shelter, and ARPO stepped in to help. That’s how the beautiful ginger family ended up under Lori’s care. She expressed her gratitude, saying:

“She dropped them off to me, and I was thankful she took the time to help them and took action to get them safe.”

kitten holding up on a woman's leg

No one knows how the cat ended up in the vacant house, but she was incredibly sweet and affectionate. 

As they settled into their new environment, the room echoed with the soothing sounds of purring, gentle meows, and the kittens’ suckling, which melted hearts.

kitten lying in woman's lap

Lori discovered that all four kittens were ginger girls, so she named them after the Golden Girls: Rose, Sophia, Dorothy, Blanche, and mama Goldie. She added:

“It’s pretty rare for a ginger to be female (about 20%) so having four ginger girls is super special! I couldn’t resist going with the Golden Girls theme—Momma Goldie Girl and her Golden Girls.”

mom cat lying with two kittens next to her

With each passing day, the ginger girls are growing bigger, stronger, and more curious about their surroundings. They’re very playful and sometimes even mischievous.

Goldie has proven to be an exceptional mother cat. She diligently watches over her babies, ensuring they’re always clean and well-fed.

photo of cat and kittens lying

If the woman hadn’t stumbled upon them in the vacant home’s basement, who knows what might have befallen this furry family. 

Fortunately, things turned out great, and now Goldie and her four babies are thriving in a comfortable home, showered with love and attention from their caregivers.

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