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Ginger Cat’s Mirror Chat Is Definitely The Funniest Thing You’ll See Today

Ginger Cat’s Mirror Chat Is Definitely The Funniest Thing You’ll See Today

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Sometimes, everyone needs a pep talk, and some people even repeat mantras in front of a mirror to prepare for the day. And it seems that this rescue kitty was doing something similar to that…

Perseus, the cat, has been caught talking to himself in the mirror.

cat watching himself in mirror

Cats are known for their peculiar behaviors, but Perseus has developed a new and strange hobby. His owner captured a video of him growling at his own reflection in the mirror. There could be different reasons for this behavior.

Perhaps he felt intimidated, mistaking his own reflection for another cat intruding on his territory. It’s also possible that it was his first time encountering a mirror, and the sounds he made were due to confusion. 

cat in front of mirror

Or maybe he was simply admiring his own good looks – who knows with cats?

Whatever the reasons behind Perseus’s mirror fascination, it began to worry his owners. In the video, we can hear the cameraman asking his pet what’s wrong, while others enter the scene, trying to figure out the cause of the cat’s distress. 

One person attempted to grab him, but Perseus became more defensive, causing concern that he was becoming too stressed. They brainstormed and tried to distract him. 

One of the individuals fetched a toy, but even a string held in front of his face couldn’t divert his attention from the mirror image.

cat watching the mirror while owner stands back

Eventually, someone had the idea to block Perseus’s view. They surmised that he believed there was another cat in the mirror and that if he couldn’t see it, he might calm down. 

One of the individuals grabbed a pillow and placed it directly in front of his face. Perseus hesitated, but since he could still see his own feet, he continued to growl. They lowered the pillow further, and at that point, he stopped. 

Perseus still appeared nervous, but he was calm enough for one of his owners to pick him up and move him to the floor.

cat standing on the sink

In the comments section, viewers had fun speculating about what might be wrong with Perseus. 

User @mrvils25 commented:

“Everyone stand back. This guy’s good. He mirrors my every move.”

Another user, @jeanyiyo5006, commented:

“I like how the whole family came together to save Perseus from himself.”

The owners explained that Perseus is a rescue cat, and they are still learning about his quirks. Talking to himself in the mirror has become a regular occurrence for this adorable kitty.

After this whole thing calmed down, his owners shared an update about renaming Perseus into Morris, because obviously, he didn’t like his first name, hahaha.

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