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Persistent Ginger Tomcat Tries Everything To Impress His Crush, Who Plays Hard To Get

Persistent Ginger Tomcat Tries Everything To Impress His Crush, Who Plays Hard To Get

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Have you ever heard of the story called “The Beauty And The Bean”? Yes, you read that right, THE BEAN. If not, well, now’s the perfect time, thanks to these dedicated cat parents, Cassidy and Stan.

The tale unfolded when a small ginger furboy wandered into a gas station, right up to Cassidy and Stan’s friend. Unfortunately, no one there could keep him. 

Thanks to that same friend, Cassidy and Stan laid eyes on the kitten and instantly fell in love with him. 

white and orange cat sitting on bed
Credit: YouTube

They decided to keep him and named him Bean. They were overjoyed to have the chance to give him the best life. Cassidy said:

“He was the most loving, sweet cat. He had that kitten energy.”

Due to his energy and playful purrsonality, Bean’s human parents decided to get him a feline friend, a furry companion to play and snuggle with. But that didn’t go exactly as planned. 

close-up photo of white cat
Credit: YouTube

Cassidy and Stan found a stunning, white, long-haired cat with different colored eyes, who had been a stray most of her life. Her name was Lily and Cassidy said:

“So, when we met her, she was a bit more scared, but we loved her right away, so we brought her home.”

Cassidy and Stan kept the cats in separate rooms so they could gradually introduce them to each other. Once the cats discovered each other, they played underneath the door and smelled each other, and everything was super-adorable.

two cats in the hallway
Credit: YouTube

However, when they finally met face to face, Bean was completely be-dazzled by Lily’s beauty. He dropped to the floor right in front of her and loved her from the very first moment. 

But what about Lily? Well, this isn’t one of those classic romantic stories about love at first sight. Sadly, that left Bean a little heartbroken, but he never gave up on winning her heart.

photo of two cats looking at each other
Credit: YouTube

Since Lily became part of the family, Bean underwent a complete transformation, constantly following Lily around. Cassidy said:

“He just changed into some Romeo going after his Juliet overnight. He’d wander up and just sit and stare over her. He just always wanted to be around her.”

Sadly for Bean, Lily wasn’t impressed by his acts. Cassidy humorously added:

“It’s just the classic relationship where the guy is going after the girl out of his league.”

Lily wanted to be an independent feline, but Bean was always somewhere near her. So, they even had a few fights so she could put him in his place.

white cat holding paw on man's shoulder
Credit: YouTube

Cassidy and Stan often joke that Lily knows how beautiful she is and loves all the attention, but she’s just playing hard to get. Or is she?

When it comes to her human parent Stan, she’s a completely different cat. She always approaches Stan with affection, seeking cuddles and attention, and following him everywhere. Cassidy joked:

“Bean wishes he could be him.”

However, after some time, Cassidy noticed something heartwarming that made her realize that Lily loves Bean after all. She managed to catch Lily being kind to Bean when she thought no one was watching. 

two cats in the yard
Credit: YouTube

Cassidy loves both Bean and Lily and hopes that someday their love will actually come true. She said:

“My dream is to walk into a room and see them snuggled up together. But, I’m not gonna force it. If Lily wants to be an independent woman forever, then go for it. But at the same time, poor little Bean’s heart. I don’t know if it can break much more!”

There’s no doubt that Lily and Bean love each other, but it’s only a matter of time before Lily accepts his love, and their happily ever after can finally begin!

If you want to know how Lily and Bean are doing on their journey of love, make sure you follow them on Instagram and TikTok

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