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Brooklyn Guy Notices A Furry Visitor Pawing At His Window During A Snow Storm

Brooklyn Guy Notices A Furry Visitor Pawing At His Window During A Snow Storm

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Imagine chilling in your home while it’s heavily snowing outside, and some random cat just appears at your window asking to be let in! What would you do? Would you help and welcome the poor cat to your home?

I know I would! I wouldn’t let it in the same room where my other felines are, but I would provide it with a warm place to hide, including food and water.

Being a stray cat with no one to help you is very hard, especially during bad weather. But it looks like this kitty knew exactly what to do…

Nathaniel from Brooklyn shares an amazing story that happened to him on a snowy day. While working from home during a snowstorm, Nathaniel noticed something unusual on his apartment window.

He noticed a stray cat pawing at his window, asking to be let in.

I mean, who can blame the poor cat? It was freezing outside, and the cat was just looking for help. Nathaniel recognized that it was a cat known as Chunk Chunk from a nearby stray cat colony. 

Even though Nathaniel had never been a cat lover, his fiancée was, and she would always dedicate some of her time to helping local community cats. Obviously, the cat was desperate. That softened Nathaniel’s heart, so he knew he had to do something.

This story is particularly interesting because it wasn’t the first time Chunk Chunk had gone there for help. 

A year before, Chunk Chunk showed up at their window with two kittens when it was cold outside. The couple wanted to help; they managed to catch the kittens, but Chunk Chunk quickly disappeared.

I believe she disappeared because her mission was to save the kittens and that was the only thing that mattered.

A year later, she appeared at their window again, but this time she was asking them to help her. Nathaniel let her in so she could warm up and be safe during the horrible weather outside. He said:

“I’ve always been pretty reticent about bringing the cats inside, but I knew Renee would want me to help Chunk Chunk out. I love Renee, and I knew helping Chunk Chunk was the right thing to do.”

However, Nathaniel was worried that she wouldn’t get along with their dog. So, he needed to find a place where she could be comfortable and warm. 

He decided that the safest place for her would be in the bathroom, so he put some towels on the floor for her to snuggle up in.

Soon after that, his fiancée Renee came home from work, and she was very happy when she learned about their furry guest. She said:

“She’s been one of the friendliest community cats that I’ve ever come across. She’s always asking for pets and starts purring within seconds.”

One step led to another, and they took Chunk Chunk to the vet for an examination to ensure that she was healthy. However, this adorable feline continued to surprise them.

She was very calm and affectionate, and it turned out that she adored being brushed, something that she had probably never experienced before.

Another thing that Chunk Chunk surprised this couple with was that she even started getting used to Hugo, their dog. That was a big step, and who knows, maybe it was just the beginning of a new furry friendship.

She also liked his bed, and she decided to spend as much time in it as possible – typical cat thing!

Chunk Chunk knew that this couple had helped her once before in the past, and now that she needed help again, she knew exactly where to go. I don’t think it was a coincidence; she chose them to be her hoomans!

I hope they all continue living happy lives and that they’re enjoying each other’s company more than ever because it’s such an adorable story!

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