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Guy With Cat Phobia Finds A Stray Cat In His Bedroom And Turns It Into A YouTube Spectacle

Guy With Cat Phobia Finds A Stray Cat In His Bedroom And Turns It Into A YouTube Spectacle

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Imagine you come home, ready to crash in your bedroom only to find the most unexpected intruder, a stray kitty, has taken it over!

That’s exactly what happened to this guy, but with yet another twist – he had a phobia of cats! He recorded the whole situation on his camera and made it a YouTube spectacle, and I couldn’t resist sharing it with you.

So, a guy entered his bedroom and realized a cat was there. It was so funny to see the look on his face. As much as he tried to hide it with a smile, he was totally scared.

photo of a man in shock
Credit: YouTube

At first glance, the cat was nowhere to be seen. He only heard the meowing sound, which made this poor guy even more afraid. He started screaming anxiously:

“There’s a cat in my house! Hello?”

Then he finally spotted him on a window bench. This sweet tabby was peeking from behind the curtain with big, curious eyes. Even though this cat looked so innocent and timid, the guy was terrified!

stray cat in bedroom
Credit: YouTube

The look on his face now – pure panic! He had a massive phobia of cats, and this situation was really testing him.

As soon as he saw the kitty, he began freaking out:

“How the hell did you get in here?… I’m so scared of cats… I don’t know what to do!”

Seeing a grown man making so much drama over a tiny furball was hilarious. But wait, it gets better!

To make things way worse, he was also severely allergic to cats and wondered why this kitty chose his house out of all others in the neighborhood. Yet, the biggest question was how did he even get in?

cat on a window sill
Credit: YouTube

He couldn’t believe this kitty squeezed through a small window opening. I guess he didn’t know that’s just cat magic!

Despite his fear and allergy, the guy kept calling out to the kitty, but he wouldn’t come. I wonder what he would do if the cat actually approached him?!

The poor guy didn’t know what to do. One thing was sure: there was no way he was going near this furry intruder.

Yet, he figured out he could at least do a good deed. He went to the kitchen and brought some food, asking a quite silly question:

“Can cats eat ham?”

man giving cat food
Credit: YouTube

However, he was still too scared to approach, so he made the next hilarious move. He threw a slice of ham on the bed, like three feet away from the cat! Not the smoothest move, but it’s the good intention that counts, right?

All this time, the cat remained seated on a window bench, observing his every step and not moving a bit.

Even when the guy gathered his courage and put that ham in front of him (shaking like a leaf), the cat seemed too scared to take it. It suddenly became clear – they were both facing their fears in this unexpected encounter.

hand giving cat a piece of meat
Credit: YouTube

Their mutual fear touched the guy deeply and brought him a new sense of empathy. For a long time, he viewed these sweet felines as scary creatures and avoided them at all costs. Yet now, face to face with this timid cat, something shifted inside him.

He felt a sudden connection and finally gathered his courage to approach, saying:

“I can’t believe I’m about to do this.”

cat looking at man's hand
Credit: YouTube

What happened next was just spectacular. As he came near the spot where the kitty sat, he reached out his hand and petted the kitty!

To his surprise, the cat responded warmly, and just like that, these two bonded. Although it seemed like a simple gesture, for this guy it was a moment of relief he’d never felt before.

hand petting the cat
Credit: YouTube

After they shared a heartwarming moment of affection, the cat stood up from the bench and gracefully found his way out of his bedroom. This poor thing only wanted some hooman interaction.

Indeed, this is what all stray cats crave.

Instead of shying away, the guy walked his furry friend out of his house like this was the most natural thing in the world for him.

He had an interesting thing to say at the end:

“Do you know what? That has changed what I think of cats. Like, that’s the first time I’ve touched a cat for years. Like, I’ve got a massive phobia but that cat was so lovely to me. Oh, maybe that’s sort of cured me. Maybe that was a sign from the Universe.”

stray cat on a sidewalk
Credit: YouTube

What a journey of self-discovery, right?

This heartwarming story reminded me that sometimes, the only way to conquer our fears is to face them head-on, just like this guy did. I hope they meet again! Don’t miss out on his hilarious cat-phobia-cured video below!

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