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Heartwarming Reunion Between Owner And His Cat Captured On Security Camera

Heartwarming Reunion Between Owner And His Cat Captured On Security Camera

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My cats always rush towards me when I come home from work, and I’m convinced it’s mostly because they know treats are coming, and I’ll check their feeder. 

But let me tell you about this one cat whose reaction is the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. 

This Cat’s Up For Cuddles

cat wants to cuddle with owner

The video begins with a voice saying, Watch my cat’s reaction when I come home from work.”

Then we hear keys jingling, and the cat sprints towards the door. Now, watch what happens next in this heartwarming video: 

It’s absolutely adorable!

Both the owner and the cat are overjoyed to see each other, but the cat’s response is exceptionally heart-melting. I’ve never seen a cat relax so much in its owner’s embrace.

the owner holds silly cat

The video has received over 800k likes and more than 7,000 comments. People can’t believe how incredibly relaxed the cat becomes in the man’s arms.

One comment that stands out, with 11k likes, is from @linedanzer4302:

“She ran straight to him and gave him her belly. So sweet!!!”

Another comment by @black-bnbic suggests:

“The cat was like: I’ve been waiting all day. Look at my belly, it’s empty. Now feed me hooman.” 

Hahaha, it’s possible, but I think the cat was also seeking cuddles.

A user named @emmy2146 commented:

“She literally melted in his hands.”

And that’s exactly how I perceived it, too! The first time I watched this video, I replayed it five times in a row. I couldn’t believe how sweet the cat’s reaction was!

What are your thoughts? Do you think the cat ran to its human solely because it was hungry, or was it also craving some affectionate cuddles? 

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