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Helpless Tuxedo Kitten Found On Los Angeles Sidewalk, Desperately Needing Help

Helpless Tuxedo Kitten Found On Los Angeles Sidewalk, Desperately Needing Help

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A small kitten was found on the sidewalk and a kind person picked him up. The kitten was tiny and scared, but as soon as he felt the warmth of a human hand, he snuggled in it.

This little tuxedo kitten was lying on the ground, with his eyes crusted due to an upper respiratory infection. The rescuer contacted Kitty of Angels, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping homeless cats and kittens, located in Los Angeles. 

They hoped that the Kitty of Angels would provide the kitten with the medical attention it needs, and they were right. A few days later, they posted: 

“Rocco says hi. This 11 oz of 100% pure adorbs is now on thyroid meds and hopefully on the road to recovery. First goal – pooping on his own and hitting one pound.”

“Because he was so small and ill, we rushed him to the vet for emergency medical care.” 

He was then treated for the URI and taken home to his foster mommy. He was so tiny that he would lay in the palm of a hand and fall asleep. The kitten was recovering well, and they named him Rocco.

Later his rescuers shared: 

“Rocco came to the vaccine clinic today and hit a HUGE milestone. He’s 2 lbs! He’s doing SO GREAT and we’re so excited for him! More excited than he is himself.”

This little fella showed what a cuddle bug he was as soon as he felt human touch. By showing his affectionate side he won the hearts of everyone around him.

“His foster mom has been showering him with love and attention, and we’ve all fallen in love.”

It seemed like Rocco was doing just fine, but then they noticed he wasn’t going to the bathroom and was still very small. They took him to the vet, where he was treated for constipation and congenital hyperthyroidism.

The vet suspected he was suffering from this rare condition, so they started the treatment. Rocco stayed there for nine days. 

He showed everyone what a small, but fierce, fighter he is. 

While Rocco was at the hospital, his foster mommy visited him and was surprised that he was eating all by himself. He fought bravely and surprised everyone with his progress.

Soon after that, his foster mommy shared:

“Happiest of news! Our little cat alien, Rocco, is officially out of the hospital and back into his awesome foster mom’s care.”

He really loves to climb on his foster mom and make biscuits. He has learned how to escape his kitty pen and climb up to sit next to people, who will, of course, shower him with attention. 

Lizzie, the founder of Kitty of Angels, said:

“We are trying to regulate him on his medication which does take a little while to really affect the issue. It’s been a couple of weeks, and he’s getting better and better.” 

Rocco now weighs more than 13 ounces, and the whole rescue team is confident that he’ll grow up to be a big and friendly cat. He’s already super sweet and loves to be around people. 

I hope you enjoyed his story, and if you’d like to follow his journey, visit Kitty of Angels. For more heartwarming stories like this, make sure to check out our website!

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