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This Hospice Patient Gets Her Last Wish Fulfilled And You Won’t Believe What It is

This Hospice Patient Gets Her Last Wish Fulfilled And You Won’t Believe What It is

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The heartwarming story from Kansas is a true testament that happiness is a basket full of cats. I mean, who could resist such a delightful furry surprise?

That was exactly what Carol Heizman, a patient at Groves Community Hospice, wanted to be her last wish – snuggling a basket full of kittens.

Recognizing the significance of her wish, the compassionate Hospice staff knew exactly how to bring joy to Carol’s heart. They reached out to the Great Plains SPCA in Kansas, arranging five adorable kittens to surprise Carol.

The SPCA enthusiastically shared:

“We brought not just one, but a whole basket of kittens to snuggle up to.”

When Carol first laid eyes on this furry surprise, she couldn’t quite believe it. But as the reality set in, her face lit up with sheer happiness.

She smiled at the sight of five tiny kittens rolling around in a huge basket. She joyfully exclaimed:

“Look at all those cute little guys. Oh, they’re so precious.”

The hospice workers thoughtfully wrapped each kitten in a baby blanket and handed them to Carol, allowing her to savor the precious moment of holding these bundles of joy.

One particularly adventurous kitten managed to wriggle out of its blanket and promptly perched itself on Carol’s shoulders.

Carol’s final wish had been granted, and she was overwhelmed with happiness and gratitude. It’s no surprise, really. Cats and other pets have an incredible knack for bringing joy and happiness into our lives.  

Even the SPCA thinks the same; they also added:

“We all know that pets can sometimes be just what the doctor ordered. So when we heard from GC Hospice that they had a resident whose only wish was to snuggle some kittens, we couldn’t say no. We brought not just one but a whole basket of kittens to snuggle up to!”

This hospice center works on a “Happiness Is…” project, ensuring that each resident’s wishes are fulfilled. Carol’s wish was a shining example of this project, reaffirming that happiness indeed comes in the form of kittens.

Witness the heartwarming video for yourself. It’s a reminder that even in the most challenging times, a simple act of kindness can bring immeasurable joy.

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