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Kitten About To Get Euthanized Because Of His Thumbs Gets Another Chance At Life

Kitten About To Get Euthanized Because Of His Thumbs Gets Another Chance At Life

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When you decide to get yourself a cat, you can either adopt or buy your kitten from a breeder. Of course, when you have your eyes set on a specific breed, getting in touch with a breeder is the next logical step.

However, doing your research about the breeder is super important! Knowing that the cats are treated right and are living a happy life is crucial. Let me tell you why!

One day, a man brought an adorable white kitten to the vet clinic. He had one demand only – for the kitten to be euthanized! At that time, Kim Soldan’s husband was working at the clinic.

Once he heard this, he immediately “snapped” the kitten out of this man’s hands. The reason for the euthanization, however, made my blood boil.

This little kitten was born with a genetic mutation called polydactyly. This means he was born with one too many thumbs on his paws! Therefore, the breeder couldn’t have made any money on him. Such an awful thing, right?

Kim’s husband brought the kitten home and they named him Skywalker! Once Skywalker came to his forever home, he had no idea how cool his new family actually was! 

You see, Skywalker gained many dog and cat siblings. One dog in particular, named Mojito was actually a therapy dog for humans in need! 

Mojito took his job seriously, in fact she started caring for little Skywalker from the moment she saw him! He wasn’t complaining whatsoever…

They quickly became inseparable and Mojito couldn’t let him out of her paws. She taught him how to watch birds through the window, how to cuddle, and all the purrfect nap positions.

Although Skywalker had other siblings in his new home, she was by far his favorite sister. 

Sadly, Mojito was diagnosed with cancer shortly after. Her owners and Skywalker did their best to provide her comfort and the doctors performed two surgeries. Unfortunately, she didn’t make it through… As her mom Kim posted on Instagram:

“Run free, Mojito. A piece of our hearts left last night and will never be filled. Thank you for 8 amazing years.”

Skywalker took this pretty hard. Not only was Mojito there for him when he first came, but she stayed every night cuddled right next to him. 

After some time, Kim posted a video update on Skywalker where she wrote:

“It’s no secret that Skywalker took it HARD when we lost his best friend, Mojito. So hard he ended up needing medication.”

Luckily, his new sibling Bellini was there to provide comfort and hopefully fill the hole in his heart.

End of the day, I am super happy Skywalker was saved on that fateful day. If it wasn’t for Kim’s husband this little special buddy would never get the chance to enjoy his life! 

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