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Two Women Find Kittens Crying For Their Brother Who Barely Shows Signs Of Life

Two Women Find Kittens Crying For Their Brother Who Barely Shows Signs Of Life

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Back in college, my roommate and I used to walk every day to our local café where we worked as baristas. It was a 20-minute walk, and during our routine strolls, we encountered many interesting (and sometimes even creepy) people. 

Those little adventures are among my most cherished memories today, providing a welcome escape whenever adult life gets a bit too dull.

I’m sure two ladies from today’s story could say the same as they recently had quite an adventure of their own on their way to work.

As they were making their way through a forest-like commute, they heard a faint cry coming from nearby bushes. To their surprise, it was a tiny white kitten, desperately waiting for someone to rescue it. 

They immediately contacted their local rescue group, which gave them instructions on what to do next.

kitten in a bush
Credit: YouTube

The rescuer on the phone asked the two women to search the area until help arrived, in case there were more kittens hidden nearby. 

Following the rescuer’s instructions, the ladies quickly found a second kitten.

kitten held in hand
Credit: YouTube

Despite running late for work, the two women didn’t stop there. Their continued search led them to two more kittens, one of which was severely distressed, crying beside its sibling who appeared barely alive.

kitten crying for help
Credit: YouTube

The women feared the worst for the motionless kitten, but the rescuer on the phone instructed them to check for a pulse and breathing, hoping he was merely unconscious.

Fortunately, at that moment, the rescue group arrived. The women then continued on to work, leaving the rescuers to take over.

kitten showing no sings of life
Credit: YouTube

It didn’t take long for the rescuers to realize the kitten was in critical condition and needed urgent medical care. 

After trying to revive him with some water, they placed him in a cat carrier and rushed him to the vet clinic. 

Meanwhile, the mother cat appeared, visibly confused by the commotion. The rescuers quickly set up a trap to catch her, planning to reunite her with her kittens in the safety of a foster home. 

cat in a kennel
Credit: YouTube

While waiting for the mother to approach and enter one of the traps, the rescuers began feeding the starving kittens some kitten formula. 

Meanwhile, the other kitten was being examined and treated by a skilled vet, with everyone hoping for his recovery. 

Once the other kittens were fed, the rescuers used them to lure their mother into a trap. The plan was effective; the mother cat was soon caught, and the entire family was on their way to their new home.

kittens running around
Credit: YouTube

The three kittens quickly adapted to their new environment, befriending other rescued felines and playing as if they had always known them. 

Their mother, however, was quite shy and fearful, retreating to a corner where she felt safest.

cat nursing the kittens
Credit: YouTube

In an effort to encourage her interaction with her babies, the rescuers moved the other rescued cats to another room, leaving the little furry family some privacy. 

This turned out to be a great strategy as she immediately began to open up and started breastfeeding her kittens.

kitten getting examined
Credit: YouTube

At the clinic, the little kitten was thriving! His treatment went extremely well, and he made a full recovery, leaving the vet with no reason to keep him any longer.

So, the kitten was discharged and soon reunited with his beloved family.

cat lying with kittens
Credit: YouTube

Once she had all four of her babies nearby, the mom’s demeanor completely transformed. She shifted from being shy and skittish to friendly and loving. 

The three kittens were thrilled that their brother was alive, well, and back with them in their new home. 

This adorable furry family got the happy ending they deserved!

cat and kittens lying on red bed
Credit: YouTube

I wonder if those ladies ever found out what happened to the kittens they discovered. I’m sure someone updated them, or perhaps they even called after work to inquire about their well-being. 

It’s comforting to know those ladies were responsible and proactive enough to call the rescue group about the litter of kittens they found. Not many people would do that; most would continue on to work, prioritizing punctuality over helping animals in need. 

I’m grateful to live in a world where there are animal-loving people like these two women.

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