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Kitten Born With An Adorable Smushed Face Gets A Second Chance At Life When She Meets Her Human

Kitten Born With An Adorable Smushed Face Gets A Second Chance At Life When She Meets Her Human

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This adorable feline, born with an irresistibly smushed face, brought an unexpected burst of energetic personality into the lives of those who crossed her path!

Her remarkable journey began on the side of the road when she was just 10 days old, clinging to the fragile thread of life. 

Fate intervened when she found herself at a nearby vet college, catching the compassionate eye of a student named Lindsey. 

Recognizing the need for constant care and attention, Lindsey became her guardian angel, bringing her into the warmth of her home.

This tenacious little soul faced the challenge of being unable to eat, prompting Lindsey to take on the role of a nurturing parent, syringe-feeding her every four hours. 

Pretty soon, they discovered that the kitten was born with some congenital deformities and a cleft palate.

Since she was abandoned at such a young age, the kitten couldn’t fend for herself. She also battled upper respiratory infections and a serious case of ringworm.

But thanks to Lindsey’s unwavering care, this tiny warrior thrived, day by day, defying the odds stacked against her. 

A month later, she transitioned into the loving care of Laura, a foster mom who showered her with the affection and care she so desperately needed.

When the time for adoption arrived, a dedicated couple, captivated by her journey on social media, welcomed her into their family.

Now affectionately known as “Smush,” she radiates spirited energy, finding her place among two caring humans, three dogs, three other cats, and even a hedgehog! 

Smush shares a special bond with her feline and canine siblings, particularly Candy, with whom she often shares cozy naps.

While Smush brings a touch of mischief to the family dynamics, her human mom affectionately notes:

“She has a little black spot on her neck and we call it her “devil’s kiss” because all of a sudden she’ll be purring and the next minute biting you in the face!”

Without a doubt, she brings her feisty charm into the household, creating moments of laughter and joy.

For a glimpse into Smush’s journey, check out the heart-melting video capturing her playful antics. 

You can continue to follow this enchanting tale and witness the adventures of Smush and her extended family on Instagram and Facebook.

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