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A Sweet Nap In A Military Helmet Leads This Stray Kitten To His Forever Human

A Sweet Nap In A Military Helmet Leads This Stray Kitten To His Forever Human

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Every cat lover will tell you that when a feline selects you as their sleeping companion, you’ve truly hit the jackpot in life. 

It doesn’t necessarily mean they have to curl up right beside you, but if they opt for your bed among all the other options in the house, well, that’s a major win!

Something similar happened to a brave US soldier, Justin, hailing from El Paso, Texas. One day during his active duty overseas, a tiny black kitten warmed up to him and decided to take a nap in his helmet.

the black cat sleeps in the helmet
Source: Justin W.

Apparently, Justin stumbled upon this feline by accident. He said:

“I picked up this kitten weeks ago, and he followed me to the barracks we live, on a semi-abandoned base.”

Ever since their first encounter, the kitten has been Justin’s steadfast shadow. Naturally, he decided to befriend the little fluff and name him Salem.  

a black cat sits in a black helmet
Source: Justin W.

Salem had quite a charming personality. He was playful, spirited, and extremely affectionate. He loved his human and wished to be close to him all the time.

After a hectic work day, Salem wanted nothing more than to hop onto Justin’s lap, make himself comfortable, and drift off to dreamland, purring his heart along the way.

a black cat sleeps on a man's lap
Source: Justin W.

Justin was equally fond of Salem! To him, this newfound feline buddy was a comforting reminder of home, a sense of solace typically reserved for family and close friends. 

He was absolutely taken with Salem and their bond was truly heartwarming! They cherished each other’s company and never missed a chance to shower affection upon one another.

the cat sleeps on the lap
Source: Justin W.

As Justin’s overseas duty drew to a close, with only a month and a half left, he began pondering Salem’s fate once he returned to the United States. The thought of parting ways with his cherished four-legged friend was unbearable.

As he shared:

“My wife and I would love to give this little guy a warm home to live in.”

Thus, he started planning for Salem’s first vet check while simultaneously looking for a local rescue group that could assist in arranging Salem’s journey to El Paso. He was determined to take him home!

the cat sleeps curled up on the lap
Source: Justin W.

I sure hope that Justin succeeded in his plan to bring Salem to the States and offer him a forever home. It would be such a bummer if they never got to see each other again since they did make quite a match.

However, do you know what would have been an even bigger bummer? If these two buddies had never crossed paths in the first place.

Who knows, maybe Salem had a special purpose in mind when he decided to snuggle up in Justin’s helmet that day. We may never truly understand the mysteries of our furry friends’ intentions, but isn’t that part of what makes their companionship so enchanting?

a black cat sleeps in a helmet on a wooden bench
Source: Justin W.

Hopefully, this story encourages all of us to cherish our own furry friends. Let’s shower our beloved pets with some extra love today! 

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