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Kitten Found In The Trash Dyed Blue For Cruel Amusement Gets Rescued By A Kind Man

Kitten Found In The Trash Dyed Blue For Cruel Amusement Gets Rescued By A Kind Man

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I’m often shocked by the cruelty some people are capable of. Recently, I came across a YouTube video that made my blood boil. 

In the video, a man discovers a cardboard box next to a trash bin in his neighborhood. However, what he finds inside is truly heartbreaking: A tiny kitten, its fur dyed blue, lying helpless in the box.

To say I was horrified while watching would be an understatement. Thankfully, the kind man in the video, moved by the kitten’s plight, resolves to do everything he can to save its life.

kitten painted blue lying in a box
Credit: YouTube

After carefully removing the kitten from the cardboard box, the man checked for its vital signs and administered chest compressions with his fingers.

The kitten lay motionless on the ground, barely clinging to life. Recognizing the severity of its condition, the man hurried to the local veterinary office for immediate assistance.

man helping the kitten
Credit: YouTube

The vet conducted a thorough examination, also checking the kitten’s vital signs and body temperature.

She disinfected its front paw and inserted an IV to provide much-needed fluids. With treatment administered, they allowed the helpless fluff to rest, hoping for a swift recovery.

vet examining the kitten
Credit: YouTube

While the kitten was resting under medication, the man visited other animals in the vet’s office to give them some attention. Aware they were alone and possibly in pain, he wanted to check on them and see how they were doing.

After all, they deserve love, too, don’t you agree? 

kitten getting an ivf
Credit: YouTube

The man soon returned to his new feline friend who took some time to rest and recover. After the vet removed the IV fluids, the kitten was discharged, and the man took it home.

Feeling a strong attachment to the kitten and knowing he couldn’t leave it alone, the man decided to adopt him.

kitten getting fed
Credit: YouTube

Back at home, the kitten spent most of the time resting. 

The tiny fella still couldn’t stand on his own and hold his head up, so the man purchased kitten formula and fed it using a syringe.

What gave the man hope that everything would be fine soon was that the kitten willingly ate the formula. He knew the nourishment would provide the strength needed to combat the lethargy caused by its past abuse.

photo of kitten lying
Credit: YouTube

Once it finished eating, the man placed the kitten in a cozy bed, where it quickly drifted off to sleep. 

Recognizing the importance of rest for its recovery, the man left it alone, hoping for the best.

rescued kitten with blue fur
Credit: YouTube

When the kitten woke up the next day, it looked much more alert and energized. It even stood up and started walking on its own, exploring its surroundings like any other curious kitty. 

Overjoyed by what he witnessed, the man gave the kitten some delicious wet food, knowing that would bring it to life even more.

rescued kitten eating
Credit: YouTube

Believe it or not, the kitten ate all alone and without the man’s help! It was a remarkable sight, a true blessing after everything the poor fluff went through.

Once it ate, the kitten began playing with its toys and exploring some more. Just look at how happy and healthy it looked! 

rescued kitten recovered
Credit: YouTube

The man even gave the kitten a bath, managing to remove the majority of the blue color. With a couple of more washes, the color would surely entirely disappear – along with all the bad memories of past mistreatment.

close-up photo of kitten
Credit: YouTube

The kitten even started grooming itself, which is always a good sign. That meant that it was truly feeling good – and that it cared about how it looked, of course. 

Under the man’s care, the kitten only continued to thrive. What a relief, right?

rescued kitten sitting
Credit: YouTube

To be honest, as I was watching the video, I initially doubted the kitten’s survival. It looked so helpless and that blue color really discouraged me. But thankfully, the brave furbaby made it – thanks to the love and dedication of his savior!

Here’s the video I’ve been talking about. You absolutely must see it:

I hope this video reaches the people who did that horrible thing to the innocent kitten. And I hope it teaches them one valuable lesson: Animals are not our toys, and we should never use them for our own selfish entertainment.

They are here to teach us what unconditional love really is. Let’s never forget that!

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