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Kitten Found On A Parking Lot In A Heartbreaking Condition Has An Inspiring Story To Tell

Kitten Found On A Parking Lot In A Heartbreaking Condition Has An Inspiring Story To Tell

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Finding peace and happiness despite hardships is a rare quality in humans, but this brave kitty certainly embodies it!

Bailey was just a few weeks old when she lost both her mom and her little brother. But despite the tragedies she faced, Bailey’s story has remained an incredibly inspiring one.

rescued kitten
Credit: YouTube

For stray cats, life is a constant struggle with not-so-big chances of survival. Orphaned kittens, whose mothers didn’t survive the tough street life, aren’t a rare occurrence. Bailey is one of the many.

As the video with a heart-wrenching title shows, Bailey was found in a parking lot in a heartbreaking condition. The woman in the video explains how she found two crying kittens in a parking lot next to their deceased mother.

The kittens were so tiny, probably just a couple of weeks old, and unable to survive without their mom. The woman took both kittens with her, determined to help them survive.

tiny kitten bottle fed
Credit: YouTube

Taking care of such young kittens is not an easy task. They demand bottle feeding every couple of hours, and they aren’t able to do number one or number two by themselves. You see, it’s a lot of work.

Shortly after arriving at their new home, little ones were given their names. The kittens’ choice of names is quite interesting, clearly revealing the owner’s exceptional taste for alcoholic drinks. As the owner states in the video:

“I named them Whiskey and Bailey.”

kitten drinking from a bottle
Credit: YouTube

The story here takes a saddening turn as, despite all efforts, Whiskey didn’t make it. Bailey has lost her brother too.

But even then, this brave-hearted kitten didn’t lose hope and the will to live. She has continued to fight fiercely and blossomed more each day. 

She became so determined to live her best life, and that life requires a lot of belly rubs, which Bailey absolutely loves.

photo of bailey the kitten
Credit: YouTube

Fortunately, Bailey was adopted into a house full of cats and dogs. The woman who saved Bailey already had several furry companions. So, despite losing her brother, Bailey gained more siblings who were overjoyed to have a new sister.

Bailey began to exhibit signs of her remarkable personality from a very early age. The family soon discovered that Bailey had a passion for math

She enjoys assisting her hooman siblings with their homework. We’re not sure if she is much help, but hey, that’s not the point!

kitten lying next to a notebook
Credit: YouTube

Another favorite activity of Bailey is back-paw kicking. She fiercely kicks everything her front paws can grab. It’s important to work out those leg muscles, we know that.

Her fierce character also manifests in her relationships with her furry siblings. Shortly after joining the family, Bailey had a beef with her canine brother Gold. Eventually, the duo made amends, but boy was it stressful!

Even the houseplants can’t escape her occasional outburst of rage; she loves to give them a slap here and there.

kitten and dog
Credit: YouTube

Bailey’s personality is versatile and she excels in many fields. One of them is culinary. When she isn’t working on her academic or fighting skills, Bailey loves to make biscuits. With so many career options in front of her, the sky is the limit!

She’s so full of potential, let’s just hope that her name won’t lead her astray. She’s already shown a liking for the drink she’s named after, which is a bit of concern.

photo of kitten next to a bottle
Credit: YouTube

As we see, Bailey now lives life to the fullest. She hasn’t allowed the difficult times she faced to define her. She finds hope and beauty in each new day.

Yes, life still has ups and downs and not everything is perfect. For example, Bailey wasn’t fond of her new sister Tequilla when she first joined the family. That was a difficult time for both of them (especially for Tequilla, who was slapped a lot!).

close-up photo of rescued kitten
Credit: Instagram

But at the end of the day, Bailey goes to sleep happy and excited for everything new that’s coming.

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