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Newborn Kitten Found On Sidewalk Soaked To The Skin And Barely Alive

Newborn Kitten Found On Sidewalk Soaked To The Skin And Barely Alive

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According to cat population statistics, approximately 75% of kittens die or disappear by six months of age. The same destiny would have awaited this tiny kitten if it hadn’t been saved at the last moment.

One day, a kind-hearted woman came across this abandoned newborn kitten lying on the sidewalk while it was raining. 

small soaked kitten lying on the pavement

The kitten was helpless, and these could have been its last moments because it seemed that it had the barest whisper of life left in its tiny body.

The poor kitten seemed to be dead already, but this woman couldn’t leave without checking it. Realizing that the kitten was barely alive, the woman took a napkin, picked the tiny kitten up, and decided to bring it home with her.

small kitten being rescued and brought home

They were both desperate, but the woman wasn’t alone. All of her family did their best to take proper care of this tiny kitten. 

First, they dried the kitten and warmed it up. They were bottle-feeding it so that it could gain strength as soon as possible. However, the little kitten, who turned out to be a girl, didn’t give up, especially then when she had a chance to survive.

She was a real fighter because, day by day and little by little, she began to grow and improve.

small kitten being bottle fed to survive

This little fighter was named Iris. When the family shared her photos, they were surprised to see so many heartwarming messages of support from people they had never met.

One of the kids from this family posted a picture of Iris and wrote:

“My mom and my little brother are taking care of it now, they named it Iris. I will make sure my mom can read all your nice comments!”

new owners feeding the small kitten named Iris

The family continued taking care of Iris, and soon she became a part of their lovely family. The family just couldn’t imagine their lives without Iris anymore. They helped her and saved her from the claws of death, and she brought joy to their lives.

Considering how many stray cats there are on the streets and how many of them don’t survive, all I can say is that Iris was a very lucky kitten. She was saved at the last moment, and now she enjoys her fur-ever home.

small kitten gaining weight after being rescued

If you spot a stray animal on the street, especially one that is in desperate need of help, please take it to a nearby shelter, or provide it with food or water, that’s the least you can do.

Who knows, maybe you will come across a fur-ever friend, just like when this woman found Iris, or just like how I ended up with seven cats. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

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