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Helpless Kitten Found Under A Shed Gets Rescued And Pays It Back In The Most Heartwarming Way

Helpless Kitten Found Under A Shed Gets Rescued And Pays It Back In The Most Heartwarming Way

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Rachel, Leah, and their mom Maury are compassionate souls from Arkansas, who open their home to rescue kitties found abandoned on the streets.

Over the past two years, they’ve lovingly cared for a hundred and fifty kittens and ensured each one found a forever home.

Mostly, these rescue strays are brought to them for foster care, but this time it was different. This ginger treasure they discovered themselves.

happy adorable kitten
Source: YouTube

One day, Rachel and Maury heard tiny meows in the distance. It was raining heavily and they were concerned for this precious soul in need.

So they decided to follow the meowing sound until they reached a storage shed and noticed something fluffy. It was a tiny kitten seeking refuge under the shed overhang.

Their hearts melted at the sight of this desperate cutie. They knew they couldn’t leave him there so Maury scooped him up and rushed to the car. As the little one nestled in Rachel’s arms, she could feel his body trembling with fear.

woman holding kitten and food
Source: YouTube

It was probably because he had some rough experiences with people before. Poor thing, it was hard to imagine what he went through.

His burnt paws and hoarse meows showed just how much he needed help. As Rachel shared in an interview:

“He was alone crying for help and his voice was hoarse, we think he had been there for a few days…His paw pads had been burnt from the hot pavement.”

It seemed someone left this kitten there assuming the nearby animal shelter would take care of him. Who knows what would happen if they didn’t find him?!

sweet kitten in box
Source: YouTube

Rachel gave him some canned food and as soon as his belly was full, the kitten’s eyes lit up with gratitude. He licked their hands and happily climbed on their shoulders, showing how glad he was to finally feel safe.

Rachel and Maury were so happy to see their buddy feeling better, knowing they saved his precious life and gave him a chance at a happy future. As Maury explained:

“We both had tears… We were excited that we had rescued him together, and so thankful that we were the ones there that heard his cries.” 

Once the kitten began purring, Rachel and Maury knew he trusted them. They decided to foster him and named him Ollie.

sweet kitten with blue eyes
Source: YouTube

As he found solace in his new home, Ollie quickly adapted. He discovered a world filled with love and comfort, something he never knew before. Maury added:

“We were there at just the right time to find him! He is such a sweetheart and is so relieved to be cared for.”

With each passing day, Ollie blossomed into a playful kitten. His fear was replaced by endless affection and he left his sad past behind.

As Ollie grew, so did the family’s bond with him. However, they knew their little fluff deserved a loving family of his own.

kitten with blue eyes laying on a bed
Source: YouTube

When the time came for Ollie to find his forever home, he and another foster kitten brought happiness to a wonderful family.

However, they didn’t just find a loving home, they became best pals with the family’s cat who had lost his furry friend and yearned for company. As Maury shared:

“The family that adopted them has two other dogs and a cat that was very lonely after losing his best cat friend. These two kittens have helped him so much.”

It was so heartwarming to see that Ollie found his happiness and also brought joy to another furry friend in need, just like the girls once did for him.

Compassionate souls like these sweet girls truly make a huge difference. With each kitty they save from the street, they make this world a better place to live in!

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