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Rescuers Save A Tiny Kitten Who Bears A Striking Resemblance To A Cat Rescued A Week Earlier

Rescuers Save A Tiny Kitten Who Bears A Striking Resemblance To A Cat Rescued A Week Earlier

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Recently, a heartwarming rescue and an unusual discovery unfolded at Sparkle Cat Rescue in North Carolina.

The rescue team received a call about a young cat, and just a week later, another call came in about a tiny kitten. What they discovered about the two rescues will truly warm your heart!

One day, a homeowner from North Carolina, named Helen, saw a young cat wandering around her yard. Upon closer inspection, she noticed the cat had watery eyes and a congested nose, requiring immediate attention.

Without hesitation, she reached out to Sparkle Cat Rescue, who instantly arrived at the location, determined to give the young feline a new chance at life.

Unfortunately, the cat was in a dire state with a high fever, prompting the rescuers to rush her to the vet clinic where she stayed for the night.

At the clinic, the cat was named Felicia, and there she received round-the-clock care she so desperately needed.

After only a few days of proper care and attention, Felicia’s condition began to improve, and her true personality slowly started to shine through.

Everyone at the rescue, including the founder, Stephanie Grantham, was thrilled with Felicia’s quick progress. Stephanie said in an interview:

“It’s warming my heart and soul to know she’s turning a corner for the better.”

Slowly, as her overall condition improved, Felicia began her journey to finding a forever home. But in the meantime, another surprise unfolded that left everyone at the rescue in awe.

Only a week after Felicia’s rescue, Sparkle Cat Rescue received another call about a kitten in need. The kitten was only a few weeks old, found lying on a porch near Helen’s home.

When the rescuers arrived at the location, they were stunned by the kitten’s striking resemblance to Felicia.

After bringing the kitten to their rescue, they realized the two felines likely shared the same father. Stephanie added:

“Her look-alike, the much younger stepsister, was found in very poor condition. How she got there, we don’t know.”

Sadly, the young kitten was tiny and extremely fragile, weighing under a pound. After naming the young kitten Baby, the Sparkle Cat Rescue took her under their wing and provided with professional medical care. Stephanie shared:

“Baby was at a critical stage at that point, and the first few hours she was in my care were rough. The thing she had going for her was a good appetite, and she ate wet food on her own.”

Fortunately, with a lot of love and care, Baby’s condition improved within 48 hours. She regained strength and was ready to embrace her new life with both paws.

When Baby finally fully recovered, she was reunited with her stepsister, Felicia, and the two felines were finally at peace.

Although Felicia was initially shy, she slowly started coming out of her shell thanks to Baby and her boundless energy. Together, they helped each other gain confidence and engage more with other people. 

Eventually, they found their way to a loving family. Initially, they wanted to adopt Baby, but they just couldn’t leave Felicia behind, especially after witnessing their incredible bond. 

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