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Tiny Kitten With An Infected Elbow Injury Doesn’t Stop Purring Despite The Pain

Tiny Kitten With An Infected Elbow Injury Doesn’t Stop Purring Despite The Pain

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You never know when you’ll come across a kitty in distress that urgently needs your help. 

The heroine of today’s story, a kind woman and devoted cat lover named Amy, from Kershaw, South Carolina never imagined that one day she would stumble upon a little kitten at her workplace.

The poor thing had a badly swollen leg and smelled of the nearby dumpster. Heartbroken, Amy scooped her up, feeling every bone in her tiny body.

Although she must have been in a lot of pain, the kitten wasn’t whining: She purred and purred as if believing in the healing power of her vibrations.

kitten with fur problems
Source: Amy B.

Impressed by the kitten’s resilience, Amy couldn’t bear to leave her alone. Realizing the urgent need for medical attention, she took the kitten home, placing her in a cardboard box.

The tiny feline, despite her suffering, seemed curious about her surroundings and unfazed by her discomfort.

After work, Amy wasted no time in rushing her to the local veterinary office in Kershaw, South Carolina.

owner holding kitten in blanket
Source: Amy B.

The vet estimated the one-pound kitten to be around six weeks old. After examining her, he found a dislocated elbow and a badly infected wound.

The infection had eaten away most of the skin on her leg, spreading to her chest. Despite her condition, the kitten still purred – a remarkable sight for both the vet and Amy.

As the kitten was a stray with no one searching for her, the vet asked Amy what she wanted to do. Determined, Amy proudly declared she would adopt the feline and name her Gaia Rose.

Clearly pleased with her decision, the vet smiled, and they agreed on her treatment plan.

wounded kitten
Source: Amy B.

Gaia Rose had bi-monthly vet visits for eight months, receiving wound care creams, compression, and antibiotics. Sadly, despite efforts, her leg wouldn’t fully recover, which led to amputation.

To make matters worse, surgery stress triggered ringworm, which was almost fatal during the recovery period. But Gaia’s resilient spirit prevailed, and she pulled through!

fat cat
Source: Amy B.

Today, Gaia Rose is a happy and healthy feline, full of life and energy. 

Despite her tough beginnings, she’ll forever remain kitten-sized, which isn’t so bad after all. Who wouldn’t want a forever kitten, right?

Gaia adores cuddling with her savior, Amy, who she’ll always be grateful to for saving her life. But Amy has plenty to be thankful for, too. 

Gaia has brought immense joy into her life, and she wouldn’t trade her for anything. As Amy puts it:

“Gaia is my tiny miracle, and she still purrs like crazy.”

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