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Tiny Kitten Saved From Lawnmower Accident Moments Before Tragedy Learns To Walk Again

Tiny Kitten Saved From Lawnmower Accident Moments Before Tragedy Learns To Walk Again

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Young kittens can be everywhere, unaware of the potential dangers around them. One such kitten found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time, resulting in severe injuries.

injured kitten
Credit: Ellen Carozza

This tiny kitten had been rescued from a lawnmower accident just in time. Severely injured, he arrived at Frederick Co. Animal Control in Maryland, where he received a thorough examination and specialized care.

The vets revealed a grim prognosis, saying it was a miracle he even survived. Due to the harsh accident, the kitten lost a part of his right ear and a part of his tail. He also had fractured forearms, including cuts on his back and chest.

kitten with broken legs
Credit: Ellen Carozza

Despite this, the kitten’s spirit remained unbroken. His calm demeanor and resilience brought hope to everyone at the rescue.

Inspired by his courage, the shelter staff dedicated themselves to his recovery, providing the care he desperately needed. 

woman and kitten cuddling
Credit: Ellen Carozza

Later, the shelter reached out to Ellen, whose foundation specializes in rehabilitating small and vulnerable kittens. Fortunately, she and her team took the kitten under their wing without any hesitation. Ellen said in an interview:

“His name was (originally) Johnny Deere after the lawnmowers. We renamed him Johnny 2 Sticks in homage to the movie Johnny Stecchino (‘toothpick’) because his little splints looked like toothpicks.”

Little Johnny quickly adapted to his new environment, forming a special bond with Ellen. His favorite thing to do was to snuggle in Ellen’s lap and take a good nap, showcasing his affectionate nature.

kitten wearing cast on front legs
Credit: Ellen Carozza

He was so young and broken, yet remarkably brave and undeterred. Even during the replacement of his splints, he remained calm, patient, and sweet, as though he knew it was for his best. Ellen added:

“Not once did he complain or act depressed. He was always active, happy, and loving.”

With such a determined spirit and professional care, Johnny made remarkable progress in just two weeks. His overall condition improved, allowing him to become even more active.

kitten in a box
Credit: Ellen Carozza

A week later, he stopped wearing splints because his legs healed beautifully. Ellen said:

“His x-rays looked good enough for us to allow him to continue without them.”

As soon as Johnny stopped wearing splints, he became a brand new cat. He was running and playing like never before, fascinating everyone with his lovely personality.

two cats lying together
Credit: Ellen Carozza

Once he fully recovered, Johnny was ready for the next step – to socialize with other resident cats. At first, he would walk around with his tail puffed up, but he quickly relaxed and adjusted to his fellow felines. Ellen shared:

“He is incredibly playful and is making up for those few weeks from wearing his sticks. Currently, his favorite thing to do is boss around the other cats in the home and get into as much trouble as possible. He is never sitting still.”

kitten sitting on a black cover
Credit: Ellen Carozza

Little Johnny is one special feline who despite everything he had endured didn’t let anything dampen his spirits. 

He’s a small cat with the heart of a lion, eagerly awaiting a loving home where he can continue to thrive and enchant those around him with his incredible zest for life.

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