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Man Hears Loud Meowing And Discovers A Desperate Call For Help Coming From A Water Drum

Man Hears Loud Meowing And Discovers A Desperate Call For Help Coming From A Water Drum

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Everybody loves a good feline rescue story, especially when the cat in question is still a kitten whose life has only just begun. 

In those situations, some people just happen to be at the right place at the right time. Just like the good man whose heroic deed is the concern of our story today. 

Kyle, a TikTok content creator, shared his heart-wrenching kitten rescue story. 

kitten in water drum
Credit: YouTube

Apparently, Kyle heard a cat meowing for several minutes. At first, he ignored her because, as he shared with his followers on TikTok, he was in the middle of the city where there were usually a lot of cats. 

However, since the poor kitty wept so loudly, he decided to go and check what was going on. 

As he got closer, the meowing got louder and louder, but the cat was nowhere to be found. 

close-up photo of saved kitten
Credit: YouTube

He glanced at the barrel of water and noticed there was “stuff” floating around inside of it. Then he remembered a cat that had drowned a couple of months before that, so he decided to take another look. 

And that’s when he saw her – a tiny orange kitten swimming in the dirty water drum, desperately trying to stay afloat. 

As you can see in the video, Kyle flipped the barrel over, made sure the kitty was alive, then gently scooped her up. The poor kitty was shaking. 

When he checked the surveillance camera, he saw that she had accidentally fallen into the barrel. 

He told The Dodo: 

“I wrapped her up and kept her warm and cozy. I brought her home. We cleaned her up very well. Did a Dawn dish soap bath. My wife began feeding her a little bit of soft kitten food. And we took her to the vet the following day.”

Her vet visit went well. Thankfully, her fall into the water drum didn’t cause any severe health issues. She was a happy and healthy five-week-old kitty. 

kitten in water
Credit: YouTube

Given everything that had happened, it was only natural for this poor fluff to become the newest member of Kyle’s already large family. 

So, Kyle, his wife, four adorable sons, and a two-year-old St. Bernard Winnie happily welcomed an orange kitty they named Lilo into their little troupe. 

When Lilo first met Winnie, she was very timid. She quickly realized that her big sister wasn’t trying to hurt her with her aggressive sniff, but she still needed some time to completely let loose.

Kyle shared with The Dodo: 

“It didn’t take more than a week before Lilo was pouncing at Winnie and jumping on her nose. I think the most surprising part about their relationship is how they became best friends so quickly and unexpectedly. It’s a beautiful relationship.”

Kyle confessed on his TikTok that he wasn’t really a cat person. He clarified that he’s never been against them; he just never wished to have one.

kitten on man's shoulder
Credit: YouTube

However, everybody knows that “The Cat Distribution System” doesn’t really take into consideration whether you’re a cat person or not.

After all, as the famous cat lady Angel from The Office said, “If you pray enough, you can change yourself into a cat person.” 

And I believe that’s exactly what happened to Kyle! Just look at them lounging on the couch together:

I am so happy that Lilo has become a part of this wonderful family where she can grow up with Kyle’s sons, have play sessions with Winnie, and get all the love she deserves.

Also, I am grateful to live in a world where there are people like Kyle who don’t hesitate when it comes to doing good.

kitten lying next to dog
Credit: YouTube

Not all heroes wear capes – some of them rescue felines in need. 

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