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Cat In A Horrible Shape Found Among 11 Felines In Junk Yard Gets A Second Chance

Cat In A Horrible Shape Found Among 11 Felines In Junk Yard Gets A Second Chance

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After days of struggling to survive, this sweet feline was finally rescued from a junkyard, and now she can’t stop cuddling with the humans who offered her a helping hand.

But this rescue mission was far from straightforward, especially since the calico cat wasn’t alone…

cats at junk yard
Credit: CassieD21

A group of kind-hearted people was passing by a junkyard when they spotted the emaciated calico kitty. Moved by the cat’s plight, they instantly embarked on a rescue mission, but it wasn’t as easy as they thought it would be.

The biggest issue was the calico kitty’s terrible condition, and she wasn’t alone… A Reddit used CassieD21 shared in an interview:

“She was with a group of 11 cats. All of their ears nipped. The rest of them eat well, but don’t let her get any. She was in horrible shape compared to the rest.”

Apparently, someone had been feeding the cats for a while, however, the calico kitty was barely hanging on, while the other cats seemed well-fed and healthy.

cat in bad shape
Credit: CassieD21

Determined not to give up, the group coaxed the cat into the box with a large blanket inside and instantly took her home.

Upon closer examination, they realized just how dire her situation was. She was skinny and completely covered in motor oil, taking a lot of time to get back in shape. CassieD21 said:

“I did bathe her. Twice! Her coat went from dark gray clumpy to a soft white calico. I would have never guessed. I’ve checked inside her ears several times. That is dried oil in her ears.”

After cleaning the cat, the group faced another issue – she seemed to be very light-sensitive. 

cat in a bag
Credit: CassieD21

At first, her pupils were highly dilated, and she kept closing her eyes when exposed to light. Thankfully, a vet examination confirmed she could see perfectly well.

The group affectionately named the calico kitty Lulu and wrapped her in a sweater to keep her warm. As soon as she settled in and noticed all the cuddles and attention she received, Lulu fell in love with her rescuers.

cat wrapped up in a blanket
Credit: CassieD21

She transformed from a shy, scared kitty in horrible shape to a lovely, clean, and healthy feline, who couldn’t stop cuddling with the humans who offered her a helping hand when she needed it the most. Cassie added:

“She can’t stop purring and wants to be loved. Either in your lap, while you sleep, or rubbing your leg. She’s too cute!”

cat lying on pile of clothes
Credit: CassieD21

In a beautiful turn of events, Lulu found her forever home with none other than Cassie, the person who helped her the most. Cassie said:

“After my 25-year-old tabby passed, I didn’t get another. I decided to adopt her because she NEEDED a good home. She was severely malnourished, covered in oil, eyes constantly closed shut, etc. She needed someone to take care of her and give her some love. Now she has my SO, my lab-Miles, and I. A perfect home. (Oh, and an aquarium to stare at).”

cat lying on its back
Credit: CassieD21

I’m so happy for both Lulu and Cassie and the fact they found happiness with each other. After all, every cat deserves a second chance, just like Lulu. If you agree, then share this heartwarming story with your loved ones!

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