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How A Bronx Kitten With A Wonky Leg Saved The Lives Of Her Entire Family

How A Bronx Kitten With A Wonky Leg Saved The Lives Of Her Entire Family

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Every day, dedicated rescue teams work tirelessly to give our furry friends in need a chance at a better life.

Among these devoted crews is Little Wanderers NYC known for its commitment to rescuing strays in the Bronx area. Their recent rescue story warmed my heart, and I couldn’t resist sharing it with you.

It all started when the rescuers were called to help a kitten at a Bronx bodega. It was a little brown tabby with a leg deformity. However, upon arrival, they discovered it wasn’t just one kitten in distress, but her entire family!

black and white cat nursing kittens
Credit: Facebook

Four kittens had been born in this bodega, making their home in a rusty box behind the kitchen. The team rescued the whole kitty family, including their mom, to provide them with much-needed care and a chance for a bright future.

They shared the news of their newest furry additions in a Facebook post:

“The entire family is right here! Introducing mom Elemental and her four offspring; Ember (disabled) tabby girl  Wade, tabby boy Cinder, b&w girl, and Bernie, b&w boy (has a nose splotch). They are all five weeks and adorable little ponies.”

four kittens on a scale
Credit: Facebook

Soon after, the Bronx bodega family was placed in a nurturing foster home. While the kittens quickly began to thrive, mama cat struggled with health. She was underweight, with a chemical burn on her nose, bearing the marks of a tough stray life.

The shelter provided her with the essential care needed for recovery. Once the kittens grew stronger, their mother moved to another home to rest and recuperate, clearly relieved to shift from motherhood to a more comfortable life.

Meanwhile, the kittens continued to flourish. They were full of energy, running around and playing all the time. Even Ember didn’t hold back, despite her leg issues.

four kittens
Credit: Facebook

As it turned out, Ember was born with a shorter leg. Yet, she never let this slow her down. She embraced each day with boundless energy and resilient spirit.

With her three good legs, Ember did everything her siblings did, as the shelter explained:

“Ember was born with a growth deformity that left her leg contracted up and shorter than the rest of her legs. However, that never stops her from getting around! She jumps, climbs, plays, and does everything that all kittens do!”

kitten lying in bed
Credit: Facebook

Right from the start, Ember and her brother Wade shared a special bond. Their days were filled with endless adventures and they seemed to understand each other in a way only siblings could.

As it came time to find forever homes for the Bronx bodega kittens, the staff hoped these two would be adopted together, especially after Cinder and Clod had found a home as a pair.

To help make this happen, they created a Facebook post highlighting each kitten’s unique personality. Ember was described as a “fearless fighter who thrives in the heart of the action,” while Wade was dubbed “the funniest one of them all.”

two kittens sleeping
Credit: Facebook

Every day, the shelter staff held onto their hope that a wonderful family would come along and see how perfect Ember and Wade were together.

Finally, that joyous day arrived. A perfect adoption request came through for the siblings, and it wasn’t long before Ember and Wade found their forever home, side by side and surrounded by joy and love.

What started as helping one little kitten in need blossomed into a heartwarming mission that saved an entire cat family. Now, each one of them is safe, loved, and cherished in their loving homes, just as they all deserve.

Isn’t this a purrfectly happy new beginning?!

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