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Ohio Rescuers Shocked To Discover A Helpless Kitten Cruelly Pushed Through A Mailbox Slot

Ohio Rescuers Shocked To Discover A Helpless Kitten Cruelly Pushed Through A Mailbox Slot

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Brad Adams had seen many things in his years of rescuing animals in need. However, none was quite like what he encountered one Saturday in Clarksburg, Ohio, where a kitten was allegedly pushed through a mailbox slot. Here’s how it all started.

Fayette Regional Humane Society, where Brad works, received an urgent call from a sheriff’s deputy about a bizarre incident at the local post office. A kitten had been found in a mail slot by postal workers, leaving them bewildered and unsure what to do.

photo of a mailbox

Brad, always ready to help animals in distress, quickly drove to the scene, his mind filled with concern for the frightened feline. The drive seemed to stretch as he pondered the fear and confusion the little one must have been experiencing.

Upon arriving, Brad was met with the anxious faces of the postal staff who’d discovered and cared for the tiny furball. Brad shared:

“I’m sure it was a bit of a shock to hear meowing coming from the mailbox. I’ve seen kittens stuck in many places, but this was new for me!”

Thankfully, though visibly scared, the kitten was unharmed. The shelter staff welcomed him with open arms, affectionately naming him Special Delivery, in honor of his extraordinary arrival.

kitten in a kennel
Credit: Facebook

They provided him with all the care and attention he needed, ensuring his past ordeal would soon be a distant memory. Reflecting on how quickly the little guy had gone from a terrifying trap to a place of safety and love, the shelter shared in a Facebook post:

“Special Delivery is about 10 weeks old. Despite the unusual circumstances of his rescue, he is enjoying his status as the center of attention and has stolen the hearts of the staff.”

Special Delivery soon revealed his affectionate nature, yearning for cuddles. He meowed for attention and eagerly approached anyone who entered the room, as Brad explained:

“We can only imagine how scared he must have been, trapped alone in that dark mailbox. But Special Delivery has a bright future ahead. He already meows for attention and wants to be picked up and cuddled by everyone who passes by.”

close-up photo of the kitten
Credit: Facebook

The Humane Society shared Special Delivery’s story on Facebook, capturing the hearts of many with his harrowing yet hopeful story.

They announced that he would soon be ready for adoption and expressed their heartfelt hope that a compassionate soul would step forward to give him the forever home he deserved.

It’s hard to imagine how someone could push a kitten through a mail slot, but now, thanks to the shelter’s efforts, Special Delivery has a chance at a new life, far from the neglect and danger he once faced.

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