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Tiny Kitten Accidentally Squeezed By A Toddler Survives Against All Odds

Tiny Kitten Accidentally Squeezed By A Toddler Survives Against All Odds

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It appeared to be an ordinary day, but it held extraordinary significance for a small and delicate kitten. Her tale is one of determination and the promise of a brighter future.

This kitten, eventually named Pookie, endured a tragic incident when a toddler boy squeezed her. Her rescuers vividly remember their initial feelings upon taking her into their care:

“I didn’t think she would survive the night. She was really lethargic. She couldn’t open her eyes. She couldn’t lift her head.”

The kitten’s journey began with a traumatic brain injury, caused by a toddler’s unintentional squeeze, which temporarily cut off her oxygen supply.

“She wasn’t technically their cat. It was just a stray cat that had kittens under their house.”

After a brief conversation with the toddler’s mother, who initially believed the cat had stopped breathing, they sprang into action. CPR was administered, and the vet was called, suspecting a back injury. 

The kitten’s mouth was also injured during the incident, as the child had attempted to pry it open forcefully, causing jaw pain. Her rescuer explained:

“So, as far as like, how long she was without oxygen, if her heart ever really did stop. Everything the son did to her, we’ll never know.”

They named her Pookie and rushed her to the vet, where the diagnosis was not promising…

“I didn’t think that Pookie really had a chance. We had a tube feeder, she stayed on oxygen. She didn’t move, she just laid there. And she had an oxygen mask over her face.”

For three to four days, Pookie’s eyes remained tightly shut. Then, a glimmer of hope emerged as she gradually began to open them. The rescuer noted:

“It’s usually about 24 hours as you watch to see if the brain is going to swell and those kind of effects.”

Pookie began experiencing intermittent eye and facial twitches, signaling small seizures, that persisted for about a week. However, her resilience prevailed, and the seizures eventually ceased.

“Pookie started coming around and defeating the odds, really. I mean, she’s a little miracle in my book.”

At first, she couldn’t walk, and when she finally tried, it was backward. Yet, one day, everything clicked. Pookie began walking forward, raising her legs with determination.

“Every day, she would just make improvements where we knew that she was a fighter.”

But the ultimate turning point came when Pookie began eating from her plate. That moment filled her rescuers with hope, knowing they could conquer any challenges that lay ahead.

The lesson from Pookie’s incredible journey is the importance of awareness and communication, particularly among parents. 

Even with the best intentions, accidents can occur in mere seconds, and children may not fully understand the impact of their actions on other living creatures. Small pets and toddlers are often an incompatible mix.

Pookie’s rescuers emphasized:

“She’s doing really great. She has her ups and downs, and we deal with those on a daily basis. She’s still a happy cat. She has a good quality of life. We would never make her go through life with a horrible quality of life.”

Although Pookie is unique in her own way, she’s cherished by her new family, who loves her dearly. You can watch her rescue story here:

In conclusion, Pookie’s story reminds us that even in the face of adversity, hope can shine through, and a brighter tomorrow is always within reach. 

Pookie’s remarkable transformation serves as a heartwarming example of the boundless capacity for healing and the power of compassion in our world.

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